Sunday 10 March 2019


I am so glad that I wrote that last post because I am heartened by it, heartened by the comments left from bloggers that it felt like a fun school reunion with friends. With the help of my good friend Stina of Kviltstina fame we figured out a few changes that I feel pleased with. Out with the old and in with the new. New header is from a project started in a class with Judy Newman.

Now! What else am I working on? I have a skittish brain and it needs lots of variety.

I am on a mission to use up those pesky scraps that keep on multiplying. At Cowslip Workshops in January I bought a piece of wide cotton/linen mix and plan to fill it with said scraps. Bubbles I like to call it. This could take me some time but there is no rush. Lots of memories in those little pieces.

Once I started the "Bubbles" mission I was reminded of another abandoned project which was lurking in the depths of the sewing room. I dug it out and studied it and decided that it is time to finish it. Since taking this photo it has progressed and the space filled in with lots of fussy cut "I Spy" bubbles. Now for some stitching.

I love this little pot of roses given to me by my friend Marie. She knows I love pink but these roses actually smell divine. Specially bred for the scent as most pot roses smell of nothing. From Marks and Spencer, these are definitely a hit.

Happy Stitching

Love Shirley.


  1. It was lovely to get caught up with you again

  2. So lovely to see that rose! Such a beauty. My yard is still under cover of fact it is snowing as I write. Nice to see you back blogging again. I must do the same...

  3. I love your Bubbles project - what a great way to use special scraps of fabric! I'm glad you've decided to continue blogging - maybe you'll join us in Furtling at the end of the month?

  4. Wonderful to have you back blogging! Love your new look too! I do love your I Spy Bubbles and would love to do something like that for my little girls....I love appliquing circles but love how you use up the cute little bits too! Your rose looks beautiful. Nothing like that wonderful scent x

  5. Lovely way of using up your scraps!
    Just catching up with posts I haven't been able to comment on!

  6. Just dropped by and love your new header. I found it hard work blogging. Not so much the writing but being polite and replying to lovely people. Well done you for continuing.