Tuesday 23 August 2011

Work in Progress

How do you work? Are you neat and tidy? Do you sit in chaos? This is my work in progress. My neat and tidy room looks like an explosion in a fabric shop. Luckily I haven't shown you the other side of the room with the wardrobe doors open and fabrics spilling out of the boxes. Am I sitting in there sewing amongst all this chaos - no, I am sat downstairs in another room where it is tidy -ish. I have been auditioning fabrics for the remaining blocks of Camelot. There are just 2 blocks left to stitch and then on to the borders. One more to cut out hence the riot of fabric everywhere whilst I decide on colour choices.

Block 13

Block 14

Remember a few posts back I was stitching yo-yo's? Are you wondering what has become of them?

Brooches. Hand dyed blanket and buttons complete the look.

A little bit of fundraising for St. Margaret's Hospice in September.

I had a lovely surprise in the post last week from Maggi from To Dream To Stitch as a little consolation for not being able to meet at Festival of Quilts. Maggi chose a very pretty pack of pale teal fabrics to co ordinate with my pink fabrics and they are gorgeous. There is also a lovely pack of buttons in the shape of a teapot and teacup. We will have that cup of tea Maggi and sometime soon. Thank you once again.

We have been away for the weekend to Torquay in Devon. When we set out it was in heavy rain but as we arrived the sun came out and turned glorious. Off we went for a walk down to Anstey's Cove and there we sat on the beach with a glass of wine. Ha! nice and relaxing.

This is Babbacombe. It is very steep and was a strenuous walk down there through a cliffside garden. Luckily there is a cable car to take you back up - or down. That would have been the sensible thing to do.

On Sunday we went for a mammoth walk into Torquay via the coastal path. This was such a strenuous walk but well worth it as the view once you reach the top is just so amazing. The whole of the English Riviera set out in front of you.

The reason we went away for the weekend was this. This photo was taken 30 years ago on our wedding day. Here we are all looking very young. My sister and Mick's sister as bridesmaids and my Mum looking very glam in her hat. The weather was a dark and wet day hence the photo looking dull but we all had a lovely time.

A close up of the embroidery around the skirt of the dress. I designed and made it myself inspired at the time by an embroiderer called Sue Rangeley. The flowers were painted with fabric paints and padded, embroidered and then beaded. Around the flowers are lazy daisies. It took me many months of sewing.

I have also been working on a little something which I will show you next time. Stay posted.

Happy Stitching


Sunday 7 August 2011

Annual trip to Cowslip.

Warning! - photo heavy post.

This week we went to Launceston in Cornwall for our group's annual trip. It is always well supported and a fabulous day out. It never disappoints.

First stop is Cowslip Studio run by the delightful Jo Colwill. I have mentioned Cowslip before and ladies( and any gents reading this)this place really does have to be on your agenda if you are in this part of the world. The views are magnificent, the food delicious and there are fabulous quilts to see and you can shop. Everywhere you look is a feast for the eyes. Jo tries to involve everyone and there is something on the agenda at all times of the year. Cowslip will soon be on Facebook so you will be able to follow them and plan your itinerary around it.

This is the entrance and it is always inviting and luring you in to see what is beyond. The garden is a delight and a proper cottage garden. The cafe is also at the end of the garden.

You can sit in the cafe and look at quilts on display and sit on lovely patchwork cushions. The food is cooked on an Aga and the food is all locally produced and organic.

Inside, the shop is packed to the rafters as you can see. I have fallen in love with both of the larger quilts. The one on the left had me buying lots of fabric to make it. The quilt on the right is being offered as a class with my lovely friend Sue from I sew Quilts. It is a popular class.

This year there were two exhibitions showcasing very different styles of work.

This is from the Garden Designs by Susan Denton. This quilt was fabulous. I hope that when you click on it you will be able to see the lovely quilting. Appropriately this exhibition was hanging up in the barn.

This wallhanging is the work of Dee Anne McCoull. It took Dee several months of non stop hard work to complete and is her interpretation of the devastation in Japan. It is an amazing piece of work.

After the delicious lunch we then head back into Launceston town centre to visit The Flowerpatch Quilters exhibition. Again this is a delight. It is a large group and therefore they can manage to produce a lot of work each year. They also showcase the exhibition with beautiful floral displays.

This very simple quilt is the work of Jo Colwill and features her trade mark quilting of her cows. I thought this one was just so lovely in it's simplicity.

I think this quilt also belongs to Jo but I wanted you to see the exquisite quilting on this. It was long arm quilted by someone local. Jo has the details if anyone wants one like it.

Beautiful display of apples.

Chooks on guard, doing what chooks do.

There were so many quilts and only so much space to show them. Hope you enjoyed the visit.

These were my purchases. Plus one or two more that I haven't shown.

My itchy little fingers also did a bit of clicking and I am the proud owner of this pattern by Trish Harper. Keep them coming Trish I love your work. The pattern can be bought from Liz at Broderie.

Finally, I had a lovely surprise through the post the other day all the way from Australia from my lovely blogging friend Elyte. Thank you for thinking of me Elyte and I shall put them to good use and not use them as dusters as you suggested. I am thinking bag so that I can put those lovely buttons on it.

Do leave me a comment as I love to hear from you. Many of you tell me that you read my ramblings.

Happy Stitching

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Frankie - The Blogging Budgie

Some of you have asked me about my dear little friend Frankie. He is a real cutie and such a good companion. He is 8 years old now so, getting on in budgie years. He talks a lot, usually when the tv is on and you want to listen to something but, never when you want him to say something when you have visitors. He talks mostly in my voice but then goes into a much deeper mode - my husband. He has quite a repertoire of words, nursery rhymes, whistles and tunes and sometimes I swear he is reciting whole programmes of nonsense. He knows the tunes and sings along to Match of the Day and to Strictly Come Dancing but to be quite honest, they could be the same tune. I am hoping this works as I have not tried it before. So, here goes.
Please note what we are researching and that he isn't paying too much attention. I get by with a little help from my feathered friend. Sometimes he has friends to stay. This is Charlie and Frankie. Frankie is not amused you can tell. I loved this quilt. This photo was taken a few years back at the NEC. I have no details of the maker. Happy Stitching Love Shirley.x