Wednesday 2 April 2014

Hexies, big and small

If I thought February vanished in the blink of an eye then March disappeared even faster. It has been a busy month with lots of Granny type opportunities for cuddles and playtime, a visitor coming to stay and some catching up of household jobs. Nothing like a visitor coming to make you get on with it. Inbetween I did manage some stitching.

I braved the great outdoors and our polluted air to photograph my Anna Levens quilt top. We are currently being subjected to Saharan winds high in the atmosphere dropping sand everywhere and it is causing a few problems, for me a very dusty covered car but for others smog and breathing difficulties but hopefully it will soon be gone. All the hexagons are now surrounded and I am pleased with it. Decisions need to be made now. Do I continue as per the instructions and construction in the magazine or do I deviate? In my mind I love the scrappy hexagon look so much that I am contemplating doing a round of cream hexagons and then a wide border of scrappy hexagons. Had I posted this yesterday you would think it an April Fool joke but I am serious. Fool that I am anyway. Note the gorgeous creature sitting there, posing.

In the last few days I have also been prepping the small hexagons for the Chateau Hexagon quilt. The top ones are 1" and the small ones are 1/2". They have been prepped using a disolvable sticky interfacing with a paper backing. You simply cut out the shapes which are printed onto the webbing, peel the paper backing off and stick them onto your fabric. I thought it was a bit fiddly particularly as I think it might not get washed but that was how it came with the block of the month instructions. It works well though and I only need 106. Not too many. 

Block 4 finished.

A few days ago a parcel arrived all the way from Australia from the talented Leanne at The Stitching Room. Leanne was the reason I got into blogging in the first place, having stumbled on her blog and shamefully hanging off her every word.  We have written to each other for quite a while now. In the parcel was the prettiest bag for me and the most gorgeous koala bear for Maisie.

The back is as beautiful as the front and the dungarees so pretty that I am thinking of making a pair for Maisie to wear. I took it to show off at my sewing group yesterday and Leanne I have a request for another 30 as they all want one. I will be your English Agent. Thank You Leanne, you are amazing.

Happy Stitching.

Love Shirley.