Friday 10 June 2016

Plus Feathers

Remember last year when this...

Became this.....

Pink border added. I had it in my stash so it was perfect. Size is now 32" square.

Deciding on the quilting is always the hardest part for me and usually where I abandon a project but determination was needed. Cross hatching of the squares, easy enough. Hand quilting using Hobbs Polydown as the wadding and only because I had a piece the right size and the backing was a stashed remnant of cotton dress fabric from Laura Ashley in the 1990's. The colour was perfect. I chose to do an elaborate feather border which I adapted to fit from one of Barbara Chainey's pattern books. After stitching the first corner bit I almost gave up as I thought it would take forever and did not like my stitching.

I persevered and carried on with a bit more until the end was in sight which spurred me on......

Yay! A finish. 

Plus Feathers. 

A bit of an adventure but I love it.

One out of six completed. More to come.

Happy Stitching.