Monday 6 October 2014

New Hat

In my life I wear many hats. I am wife, mother, sister, niece, auntie, great aunt, granny and I wear them all with great pride. In the last few days I have acquired a new one for I have become a Mother in Law.

This beautiful daughter of mine became a bride to marry her school sweetheart Olly. They have been a couple from the age of 15 and inseparable since. We love him as if he were our own.

A joyous moment when they became man and wife. Happy faces all round.

A tender moment.

Here I am with my immediate family and wearing my new hat.

Little Maisie was a bridesmaid and walked up the aisle with her mummy. Maisie is now a very confident and amusing one year old. That time has flown by.

Sarah and Olly with Bridesmaids, Sarah, Rachel, Leilee, Mel. Groomsmen, Ian, Simon, Lewis, Andrew, Tom, Best Man and Olly's brother.


Of course there had to be some things to be made. Labels for suit/dress covers. Believe me when I say that saved a whole load of time having them labelled. Two waistcoats. Jar covers for jam and chutney made by the bride and groom. Lavender hearts for the dresses. Bunting and baby bunting for the table plan. Not to mention bunting for the top of the cake. Now I need a week away to just do some catching up on neglected stitching projects.

It has been the most wonderful of weekends. The venue at Muddifords Court Contry House was second to none, the Posh Picnic by Scoff was unique and yummy and the Groove a licious Band great dancing entertainment. Amazing flowers by Suzanne, friend of Olly's mum. To share it all with our families and friends was simply the best.
With Love