Tuesday 20 September 2011

UFO's and other sightings

I am glad that you all enjoyed the exhibition at Come2Quilt. Here are a few extras.

Now, I did warn you that my quilts would be of the unfinished variety and I jokingly said that I would just stack my boxes in a corner.....

I am not owning up to how many boxes I have but let me say that this is a selection. The basket on the top is Kate's. The project hanging out of the box is mine. Hope you aren't counting.

I had Jiminy Cricket on my shoulder all weekend and she goes by the real name of Debby from Dotty Dolly. I kept hearing my name and she kept telling everyone that she was going to hang it up in the shop. I have a deadline to finish this now. Thank you Debby. I am not quite sure yet what for. I left it for ages before I took the plunge to machine quilt it and then part way through I just decided I didn't like it and wished I hadn't started but now after seeing it again I will attempt to get it done for the deadline.

I started this quilt in 2002. It is a pattern that was published in McCalls Quilting magazine and is by Robert Callahan. I love the colours of this quilt and again I got fed up with the quilting and it has remained unfinished. Wendy also loves this quilt and I have left instructions that should anything happen to me then this is her quilt. Just in case I should be worried about banana skins left in my path and unseen objects on stairs I have left a codicil that she may have to finish it herself. That should ensure my safety!!! There is a little album block on this quilt and I decided to make it into the label. All the details are on there including the date 2002 - 2003. It was the early days and I was optimistic about finishing. When I finally do finish it I will add a postcript to the back saying "THE END".

The Kaleidoscope Quilt is still waiting for inspiration for the border. The eureka moment hasn't happened yet.

The other quilt belonged to my mum. When my mum died last year we decided to drape the quilt over her coffin as she loved it so much. At the end of the day the Funeral Director handed the quilt back to me but before he did my sister and I had a laugh to ourselves as we heard him berating one of his staff for being covered in fluff and not knowing where it had come from. Mum would have had a laugh at that one too.

Gifts From The Sea by Verna Mosquera. I loved every minute of making this quilt. It was such good fun. It is all sanwiched together ready for quilting one day. I may have to get my act together and just quilt,quilt,quilt or I send them off to be finished. At least then they will be done. Wendy and I made this one together but unlike me Wendy finished hers. Maybe I should be very worried about my safety!

Even Kate's car had a makeover for the weekend and was used to fetch and carry people from the parking in the field to be delivered up the bumpy drive. These good ladies are from Apple County Quilters.

In the last post I told you about honorary member Pip climbing into one of the displays.... She is looking at David (Kate's husband) as if to say "well what else is it for?". We are like a secret sisterhood from an Enid Blyton story with Pippi the dog as the seventh member.

Well, I am off to quilt,quilt,quilt. Ces't La Vie.

Happy Stitching.


Friday 16 September 2011

Come2Quilt Exhibition


Last weekend saw us holding our first exhibition of work at Come2Quilt. The weather forecast was not promising as we were on the tail end of Hurricane Katia but we braved it, changed plans somewhat and the show went on. We had planned that the quilts would be hung out in the garden and so instead they mostly went indoors and in the marquee. For anyone who has never put up an exhibition before you think that it will never get sorted but all of a sudden it comes together and the hard work pays off. We were hoping to raise some money for St. Margaret's Hospice.

The exhibition was titled "I have started so I will finish" and we had to finish things that we had abandoned etc. You will note that I haven't shown any of my work, it is for another post. My work comes under the unfinished category. It was good for people to see all the various stages of a quilt coming together and something which you may want to do for your own shows.

Kate at the entrance. Wendy and Sue in the background.

Wendy's beautiful quilt that she made for her daughter's 30th birthday. Margaret's Drunkard's Path quilt hiding the tv and Kate's beautiful chair.

Honorary member Pip who climbed into one of the displays of a quilt in a wicker basket and fell asleep.

Pat's Japanese quilt made as a block of the month from Antique Angel. We all helped to sandwich this together and tie the blocks. It is still a work in progress and is a huge quilt.

The back of Margaret's beautiful waistcoat.

Steve, brother to Kate, Margaret and Hilary. Steve makes fabulous stained glass work, a talented family.

Steve's blocks. The top right one came home with me.

Wendy's Insanity quilt being used as a curtain in the Nursery section of the marquee. Wendy is hand piecing all those tiny hexagons using her inklingo swaps.

Rosemary's Avocado Cat wall hanging.

The perfect place for Margaret's triangle quilt up in the roof of the marquee like a kite. Given how windy it was we were lucky that it didn't take off. You may notice all the bunting and Rosemary's hexagons flowers growing up the tent pole/strap.

The tombola stall. This always goes down well at any event. People like to have a chance at winning something and there were some great prizes. Wendy's husband Dave really, REALLY wanted that bottle of whisky. What did he win? A lovely hand made card that his wife had made!!!

Margaret's Flower Garden. I love this for several reasons. It is beautiful, my colours and hexagons. Need I say more. You know my passion by now.

Overview of the marquee.

This quilt was made by Pat and is lovingly known in her family as the testicle quilt. Pat bought a pack of worn and washed fabrics and one of the fabrics when cut up did resemble all these male wobbly bits and rather than not use it she kept it in and we all love it. It has caused much hilarity ( sorry chaps - payback time). One of our visitors was Judi Mendelsohn from Patchwork and Quilting Magazine and I was telling her about this quilt. Her reply was to tell me about a tv programme that she had been watching where one of the contestants was a laughter therapist!!! and she said why would someone pay to learn how to laugh when all they had to do was to belong to a quilt group and laugh at a testicle quilt. Best therapy I know of. Thanks ladies. You are all wonderful.

One of the things that was intended to amuse any children or bored husbands was a Splat the Rat. If you have never come across this before here is the gist of it. A length of downpipe at an angle, drop a "rat"(in this case a patchwork one) down it and then at the other end as it emerges from the hole you have to hit it. Kate put on food and drink at the end of the show and we had a game of this when we had finished eating. I am telling you now this is such good fun.

My husband.


We will be giving St. Margaret's Hospice a cheque for £600. Well done to everyone involved for making it such a super weekend. The atmosphere was very much like a village fete and people stayed for ages just chatting and enjoying tea and cakes. What could be better?

Happy Stitching.


Saturday 10 September 2011

And the winner is......

Thank you to everyone who left me a comment on my 100th blog post. Names were written down and put into a bowl with the chance to win one of my beaded thimble holder necklaces.

The lucky winner is Frances from Quilting Owl.

Well done to you Frances. It will be winging it's way to you shortly. I hope you will like it.

Have lots to show and tell soon.

Happy Stitching


Saturday 3 September 2011

Blog Post 100

It has taken me quite some time to reach this milestone for lots of reasons and ones in which I won't delve in to. I even missed the milestone of being a blogger for 1year but, at last, here it is. Hurrah! Hurrah!

During this time I have had the pleasure of seeing all your beautiful work and had some lovely "conversations" with you and feel that you have become friends. I have even had the luxury of meeting some of you and that has been a delight I can tell you. Hopefully in the future there will be many more meetings, conversations and your fabulous quilts to ogle and admire. As women we like to take the time to listen, encourage and nurture each other along the way and also aid and abet each other in starting lots more projects. That is all part of the fun.

As a little thank you to you for staying with me and making life more pleasurable I am having a little giveaway. I don't want anything from you other than a comment and one person will be the owner of this little thimble holder. It is in my favourite colours and I make no apologies for it but if you would like to have it then you know what to do. I shall announce the winner on September 10th.

Now that I have the lovely Dancing Dollies pattern I am eager to start it but feel that I have to crack on with a few other things first. What I did do is cut out all the pieces ready. All I need now are the backgrounds which will be with me soon I hope. Several of you have told me that you have seen the real quilt up close and personal and I am envious. Trish Harper, you are one talented lady and I am pleased to have met your acquaintance even if only in the virtual sense.

Block 15

Today I found inspiration to cut out the last block. It has taken me some time to do this as whatever I picked up I just couldn't find the energy to make it happen. Well, I am back on track and have also started to cut out all the other little corner posts and outer triangles for the border. This is one BIG quilt and I did think that I would reduce the size of it somehow but having had a good play this morning I have decided to keep it as the instructions and I am excited now to get on with it. I think it will be some time before I can call it finished but I am enjoying the process all the same.

Some of you will be pleased to know that order has been restored to Stitcherydo HQ and it is now all shipshape and bristol fashion.

Happy Stitching and good luck.

Love Shirley.

p.s. anyone in the vicinity next weekend do come and see Kate's exhibition in her house and garden. It should be a good weekend. All proceeds for St.Margaret's Hospice.