Monday 17 September 2012

Weston Quilters 2012

On Saturday I went to Weston Super Mare to see the exhibition of Weston Quilters and this is a small sample of the work on display and my favourites. There are several traders and the latest sewing machines being demonstrated and for sale. There are lots of different categories and is open to all to enter.

 There is always something well worth the trip there and this was what I voted for as my Best In Show. I apologise for the quality of these photographs as I used my new phone and  it has been a trial and a half to get them published, need to read the instructions!!! Need more practice!!

This is the lovely maker of this fabulous hexagon quilt. Those hexagons are teeny - 1/4".  There, you thought I was the only hexamaniac.

A close up so that you can see the detail. Those tiny prints are in perfect scale and the centre of each cream hexagon had a french knot to hold the layers together. I hope it won. Maybe someone out there will know and also the name of the maker.
This was a large quilt and one that was a very clever idea. The maker was inspired by seeing a pile of quilts and thought that she would make a quilt with a selection of designs. I see 4 quilts in this one. That should get a few out of the system.
This design is one of my all time favourites - snail trail. Another large quilt and simply beautiful.
I chose to show this quilt because I have made this one and as of yet is still unquilted. It is a BunnyHill Designs pattern and was a free pattern from the designer as a Block of the month download. I think the pattern may still be available but you may now have to pay for it.
This traditional quilt was  beautifully made, just look at those teeny baskets.

My meagre purchases of the day. Two plastic clamshell templates and a half metre of spotty fabric.

Happy Stitching.


Sunday 9 September 2012


Having accumulated a large amount of patterns all seemingly linked with the proverbial hexagons making a decision on which project to start next was proving to be a difficult one.  You would think by now that I had had enough of making these pesky little blighters but, oh no! Not me. I am made of sterner stuff and I love them. I have also accumulated a large amount of fabric in plums, lavender, greys and taupes and this is my chosen colourway for my new project.

My new project is called The Unknown Quilt for obvious reasons and the pattern has been reproduced by Lisa and Louise from Max and Louise Pattern Co in Australia as a combination of two antique quilts that they had seen, makers unknown. One of them was bought at an English auction house and now lives in Australia.

 As you will notice - hexagons but, just in case you were thinking that I cannot do anything else there is some very nifty paper piecing going on in the centre of this quilt and paper piecing is something I love to do. It will certainly keep me busy and out of mischief. Well, perhaps not out of mischief! I am good at that too.

A little while ago I entered a giveaway on Raewyn's blog as she had made a very beautiful block holder and I am delighted to say that I won! I won, I won. Lucky me! Lucky indeed because it really is beautiful and so practical too. If you feel that you would like one too then Raewyn has very generously given the pattern on her blog. Also included was a skein of lovely thread called Mistletoe from Cottage Garden Threads. It is yummy.

A peak inside to see what is in there. What else were you expecting?
These hexagons are 7/8" and just that small increment makes for a much smaller rosette. I have taken the papers out as these are going to be appliqued onto strips later.

Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments on the last post. Decision still unmade but giving it much thought.

Happy Stitching.