Friday 30 December 2011

I Believe...

Father Christmas was most kind and generous to me this year and the festive time has passed peacefully and with love.

My friend Judith made me this fabulous cushion. I love it and it fits so well in my home.

This is honorary quilter Pip the dog at Kate's in her festive outfit. Pip mostly sits quietly at our gatherings until she hears the rustle of paper and she immediately thinks it is food and then she visits us one by one in the hope that we will feed her a scrap of something tasty.

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to win a lovely pack of fabrics from Vreni at Oops-Lah blog. What a fabulous service from the postal offices on both sides of the world. It came from Singapore to Taunton,UK, in 7 days. Amazing. Thank you Vreni, I shall think carefully of how to use it and maybe next christmas I will have something finished.

My Christmas tree twinkling away. Well, what did you expect? I love the pink baubles.

I am plodding away still at the hexagons and this is progress so far. Almost half way and many more plain hexagons to prep yet. Every one made takes me closer though and one day it will be done. Just as well this quilt cannot talk as it has had my most private of thoughts lashed into it this year and I hope that next year it will have lots of happy thoughts sewn into it too.

Sarah bought me a new charm for my bracelet. It is a tiny pair of scissors and they actually open and shut. Rachel gave me a lovely gift box full of yummy things, chocolates, alcohol, perfume and much more.

Stina put out a lovely tutorial for a mystery bit of festive stitching. I followed it very well but just didn't get around to finishing it. It is going to be a pincushion.

I have planned that next year will be a year of many finishes and starts. I have so many things that need just a little bit of attention and many things that require ongoing care and a lot of work, some may get it and some may not see the light of day. I am not going to worry about it and will just go with the flow of it as I see fit. On the list of starts though, phew! where to begin. I have Sue Daley's Antique Sampler kit ready and waiting, I also want to join in with the Building Houses From Scraps project not to mention all the patterns that I have bought and want to make. It is going to be a busy year at Stitcherydo but I am looking forward to it and what is more I shall look forward to seeing what every single one of you fantastic blogging buddies will get up to.

Happy New Year to you all.

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Secret Stitching

Apologies for the lack of posts recently and thank you for showing concern. I have been feeling under the weather and have a course of antibiotics to get through and still feel a bit rubbish. I have had an infection in my nose that has been immensely painful and swollen, at least the face looking back at me in the mirror now looks like me. Sarah's comment was that Rudolph would have been very proud of it. (Hmmm, one less present for her methinks).

I have been stitching and cannot show just what in case certain girlies are viewing. No peeking now.

This pattern is by Mandy Shaw and took a lot of fiddling for a small project. I am pleased with the result though. I hope the new owner will like it. Cannot show you inside as it contains a few surprises.

I found a new use for the humble hexagon and again I cannot show you what it is but the pattern is by Gail Pan.

I am trying to make myself feel a bit festive with this delicious smelling candle from Yankee Candles. It is Kitchen Spice. Love the smell of this one.

Tomorrow we have our last sewing day at Kate's and we are having our Christmas lunch. All the presents are wrapped in readiness.

My fingers did a bit of tap tapping on the send button and I bought another Trish Harper pattern. I am such a fan of Trish's work and would like to make all of her patterns. I am not forgetting though that I still haven't finished Camelot or the Dancing Dollies. The New Year looks to be a very busy time for me with so many projects to manage. Trish's patterns can be found at Broderie.

Hope that wherever you are you are managing a bit of stitching time. Not always easy with so many things to do in the run up to Christmas.

Love Shirley.