Sunday 21 June 2015

Parallel Lines

The Album Parallel Lines by Blondie was one our favourite when my husband and I first met and we played it over and over. I am mentioning it for several reasons. One, because it reminds me of Summer and today is glorious. Two, because it sprang to mind as I am quilting parallel lines on my Trip Around The World quilt. Plus, it is still a great album.

So many tracks to choose from and I hope the link works.

 Sunday Girl by Blondie.

I am using no. 16 Finca Perle. The little label inside says Tint 1065. It is a lovely cerise colour and works very well with the mix of pinks and lavenders. I would like to say it will get finished quicker making big stitches but it is hard going on already sore hands. I lke the effect though so on we go.

This week my kitchen has gone from this..........

To this........

It is going to be out of action for another 4 weeks and my dining room has been made into a temporary kitchen. I keep telling myself it is like Glamping. Have no idea really as I have never camped and have no intentions of camping but we can survive it. We have a kettle, a microwave and a crockpot. Oh! and a mini fridge It is not a huge kitchen but I am having painted units and the decorator requested I don't put anything in the cupboards. I would much rather wait an extra two weeks  than spoil the finish.

Progress is being made though. The wiring is all in place. The old floor tiles and wall tiles are gone and there is now a new floor surface. Tomorrow work starts on installing the new one. Cannot wait to see what this week brings. Hope it goes more smoothly than the last week.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Happy Stitching.