Tuesday 8 August 2017


It has been a long time in the making of this quilt top and indeed a long time since my last post. I promised myself more blog posts but something went off course a little. Well, here I am. I made it.

Discovery by Petra Prins and Nel Kooiman. A project with Quiltmania Magazine.

Do you know how much I love this quilt top? I have enjoyed every single stitch. Even the ones that had to be undone and done again.

If there is a stitching version of dyslexia then I think I have it. So many silly things that I did wrong. 

Last round. Sewed two sides on to discover that one of the star blocks was the wrong way round. Unpicked it and put it right.  Got the third side on only to discover that I had sewn them upside down. All three sides came off. Now back in their correct place. Fourth side, cracked it. Yay!

Think this is the first time I have ever finished and reasonably kept up with a mystery quilt or block of the month. These Dutch Heritage fabrics are a pleasure to stitch with. Of course it has to be quilted but I am still thinkng about that one. 

Getting a full picture is not easy and this was taken in Kate's sewing studio. Cute little Daisy getting in on the act too.

I have included a couple of photo's of a day out wandering around the grounds of Dunster Castle. It was a perfectly lovely summer's day that has since eluded us. Today was a day of heavy downpours and it felt cold. 

Hydrangeas are beautiful here and this one was one of my favourites.

We had a lovely chat today at my sewing group about life, stitching, blogging. I was inspired to write this post because of it. If you are reading please leave a comment. I could do with a like button such as the one on Instagram. Do you blog? Do you prefer Instagram? Do you read or just look at photo's. I would love to know your thoughts.