Monday 15 November 2010

Plodding On

Hello out there. I am still around and have been checking in on you all but just haven't had the will to do anything more. Still on with my hexagon therapy. There are now 32 diamonds. They are keeping me sane - just.

There are lots more prepped in my box of tricks. Hmmmm, looking pink again.

In my grief and hexagon mania I realised that I could get 18 hexies out of a jelly roll strip and before I knew it I had cut out the whole roll - yep, enough to make 120 rosettes. I bought the jelly roll at a show some time ago and didn't know what to do with it. I am thinking of green centres and possibly a reddish background. I am not sure yet whether to make up the rosettes mixed or be conventional. We shall see. I prep these in the small hours until I drop off sleep. You know how it is sometimes?!!!

I received a lovely package through the post last week from Frances Leate at The Quilting Owl Blog. In it was a lovely selection of pink fabrics and a little pack of papers to make the lovely pincushion. I decided to make it in christmas fabrics and did a spot of fussy cutting. It turned out quite well. Thank you Frances and Peter, it was really kind of you to do that for me and I love your e-mails.

On one of my walks in to town down by the river all these swans were just swimming majestically with the ducks. There were more but I couldn't fit them all in.

This cheeky chappy posed for me. I think he was hoping for a bit of food as I was sat at a picnic table trying to photograph him and in the end he took pity on me and came right by my feet. I know the grey squirrels are supposed to be a pest destroying our native red squirrels but I like them.

Finally, this morning, on the frozen lawn was a lovely green woodpecker. He just turned his head slightly as I snapped and so you can't see his red crown.

Once again, I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone for all your kind wishes, thoughts and poems. You are all just great.

Love Shirley.xx

p.s. Dotty Dolly's had a customer in their shop the other week from New Zealand and when asking her how she new about them she said that she had seen it on my blog!!!! How Amazing. Do let me know who you are.