Thursday 2 January 2020

New Decade


It is 10 years since I started my blog and so, along with a new decade I feel the need to start afresh. Firstly, Happy New Year to anyone out there still reading along. Much has happened in the ten years both good and bad.  Ever the optimist I am looking forward to this new decade. I am sure there will be lots to talk about, plans to make, projects to finish and start. New starts are always so exciting. 

This project is on my list to finish this year. It is Ruby May by Kellie Wolfsohn at Cutting Cloth in Australia. A chance to use up lots of pretty Liberty fabrics. They are held down with glue baste ready to applique and the centres have pretty embroidery yet to be started. It may be a while.

At the end of the year my husband and I went out for a breath of fresh air. Our favourite destination is Sidmouth. It never fails to please whatever the weather, even on a grey day.

Here is to a great start, great year and lots and lots of stitching.


Sunday 10 March 2019


I am so glad that I wrote that last post because I am heartened by it, heartened by the comments left from bloggers that it felt like a fun school reunion with friends. With the help of my good friend Stina of Kviltstina fame we figured out a few changes that I feel pleased with. Out with the old and in with the new. New header is from a project started in a class with Judy Newman.

Now! What else am I working on? I have a skittish brain and it needs lots of variety.

I am on a mission to use up those pesky scraps that keep on multiplying. At Cowslip Workshops in January I bought a piece of wide cotton/linen mix and plan to fill it with said scraps. Bubbles I like to call it. This could take me some time but there is no rush. Lots of memories in those little pieces.

Once I started the "Bubbles" mission I was reminded of another abandoned project which was lurking in the depths of the sewing room. I dug it out and studied it and decided that it is time to finish it. Since taking this photo it has progressed and the space filled in with lots of fussy cut "I Spy" bubbles. Now for some stitching.

I love this little pot of roses given to me by my friend Marie. She knows I love pink but these roses actually smell divine. Specially bred for the scent as most pot roses smell of nothing. From Marks and Spencer, these are definitely a hit.

Happy Stitching

Love Shirley.

Wednesday 6 March 2019

To blog or not to blog

That really is a big question right this minute. Can I expect people to read my posts when I have not read many myself for some time. Maybe it is time to reinvent this poor neglected page of mine and bring it up to date. Mostly I lurk on Instagram still as Stitcherydo.

I started this quilt more than a few years ago and I really do love it but that last row of hexagons has been on and off a few times, bits added and removed. The pattern is Not The Levens Hall by Marg Sampson George. You can find it in one of the Quiltmania magazines or in Marg's fabulous book also by Quiltmania.

Finally, I came to a decision that I really liked the cream hexagons and those pretty Tilda roses and that was the way forward. Now to get cutting and add a row of cream again. I have a plan and I am sticking to it.

Whilst searching for something in my sewing come junk room I found the cut out pieces for this block. Cut out quite some time ago I should think. Time to assemble it. 

Block 5 done. Only 25 more to go.

This is block 3 of Tile Tripping. Again it is a pattern by the wonderful Marg Sampson George. Started in a class at Cowslip Workshops in Cornwall. Quite a few of these in my busy future.

Apologies to anyone who left me a message on my last post. I could not find a way to reply nor did they come to my email for me to reply. I think I have a lot to learn and my brain is so rusty. Would welcome any thoughts on which blogging provider is the easiest to use.

Happy Stitching.

Wednesday 22 August 2018

Time Flies

It has been almost twelve months since I last posted and I clicked on here by chance to discover that my last post was all about a weekend with Karen Styles.

As chance would also have it I have in the last week been on a two day course at Cowslip Workshops with Karen on her return visit.

Sad to say that last years efforts on my part are not much further progressed but I decided to make a start on Karen's beautiful quilt called Circle of Sisters.

Click here to go to Karen's web site.

This was my start.

Progress at home.

Finished block. Size is 27" and done in just a week. Feeling very pleased with myself.  Now to make decisions on the next one.

Today is our 37th wedding anniversary and the man did good with a beautiful bunch of flowers.

Hope there is still someone out there reading. You can find me on Instagram as stitcherydo.

Happy Stitching.


Tuesday 26 September 2017

Karen Styles

 During the summer I had the great fortune of meeting Karen Styles and attending her workshop at Cowslip Workshops in Cornwall.

It was great fun and Karen is a lovely person, generous with her knowledge. We are photographed in front of this magnificent quilt which Karen named Okehampton.

This is the centre of my effort using a fabric from Karen's range called Devon County and going with the colours I was wearing that day. Always the biggest dilemma for me choosing the fabric but I love where this is heading. I know my quilts all end up looking pink but this might be more plum coloured. We shall see in time.

Day 2 was about clamshells and how to get them to line up. Here they are just placed and not stitched down yet. Loving this and could easily see myself making a whole quilt in clamshells. Best do the borders first.

These hexagon rosettes are 3/8" and tiny but they give such amazing results in fussy cutting. My granddaughter thinks they are flowers and asks if she can play with them. I need to frisk her before she goes home as my sewing things often end up in her toy box at her home.


As ever at Cowslip whatever the time of year there are flowers on the table.

Safe to say that I had a truly lovely time and met up with equally lovely ladies who I hope will be there next time for another sewing adventure.

Happy Stitching


Tuesday 8 August 2017


It has been a long time in the making of this quilt top and indeed a long time since my last post. I promised myself more blog posts but something went off course a little. Well, here I am. I made it.

Discovery by Petra Prins and Nel Kooiman. A project with Quiltmania Magazine.

Do you know how much I love this quilt top? I have enjoyed every single stitch. Even the ones that had to be undone and done again.

If there is a stitching version of dyslexia then I think I have it. So many silly things that I did wrong. 

Last round. Sewed two sides on to discover that one of the star blocks was the wrong way round. Unpicked it and put it right.  Got the third side on only to discover that I had sewn them upside down. All three sides came off. Now back in their correct place. Fourth side, cracked it. Yay!

Think this is the first time I have ever finished and reasonably kept up with a mystery quilt or block of the month. These Dutch Heritage fabrics are a pleasure to stitch with. Of course it has to be quilted but I am still thinkng about that one. 

Getting a full picture is not easy and this was taken in Kate's sewing studio. Cute little Daisy getting in on the act too.

I have included a couple of photo's of a day out wandering around the grounds of Dunster Castle. It was a perfectly lovely summer's day that has since eluded us. Today was a day of heavy downpours and it felt cold. 

Hydrangeas are beautiful here and this one was one of my favourites.

We had a lovely chat today at my sewing group about life, stitching, blogging. I was inspired to write this post because of it. If you are reading please leave a comment. I could do with a like button such as the one on Instagram. Do you blog? Do you prefer Instagram? Do you read or just look at photo's. I would love to know your thoughts.

Saturday 3 June 2017


This is the year of the Aussie Quilter at Cowslip Workshops and in the middle of May it was the turn of Irene Blanck.  I have been a fan of Irene's for quite a few years  and was so looking forward to this fabulous opportunity of classes. I chose to make Tulipa. This pattern is in Irene's book Focus on Applique, published by Quiltmania.

As you would expect mine has to look pink. Making it completely scrappy and so far there are 72 different fabrics. Think up to date I have three tulips left to stitch.  Really love this design.


Think you can tell we had a bit of fun going on. Irene's gorgeous quilt in the background. As you can see there is quite a way to go yet. Irene called me Stitcherydo throughout the weekend.


I wish this app would allow more than 5 photo's but here are a few more versions. Wish I could remember the lady's name who is making this.


This beauty belongs to my friend Marie. Mostly Liberty fabrics and looking like her wonderful garden. Soft and gentle and I love it. The stars are cut out ready to go but just placed for show. Love the lavenders.


These blocks belong to a lady named Sue who popped in to show everyone her work in progress. This is going to be a wonderful quilt.


The weekend went far too quickly but the good news is that Irene is coming back in two years to teach and to hold an exhibition in the barn. That will be one for the diary and one not to miss. Had better get stitching.

Happy Stitching