Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Penny's Quilt

I thought I would share with you Penny's Quilt.

No, this isn't Penny. This is my daughter Sarah.

Sarah and her boyfriend Olly had dreams of one day owning a campervan. Well, after much debating and deliberating they bought a real beat up old wreck of a VW 1965 Split Screen Campervan. After many months restoration she became a little beauty. She was given the name of Penny!! Probably because she cost quite a few!! Penny is their pride and joy. They decided that after University they were going to take some time out and travel around the UK coast. We parents had our doubts. Those of you old enough and wise enough will know why we had our doubts. She managed to get 5,000 miles and just two days from their journey's end before having to be taken back to the garage to be made well again. Once in The Lake District she decided that she didn't fancy going up those hills and refused to budge. As luck would have it a kindly chap stopped and asked if he could be of help. He was South African and said that his job was ..... restoring campervans!!! Even better was the fact that when he told them what was needed to get her going again it was his turn to be amazed when Olly said he had the spare part in a box of odd bits that he had bought with him. Job done and off they went.

Then came the question. Mum, will you make us a quilt for the journey? Yes, I heard myself reply. They wanted one with campervans on. We set off on a mission then to find a pattern. I cannot remember the name of this pattern but I bought it on the internet and it was for a wall hanging. I cut out and Sarah learned to chain sew as we were up against a tight deadline. The vans are appliqued and should have accessories in the shape of surfboards and barbecues and beachballs but as I said we were up against a deadline and they weren't that bothered about them being there. Phew!! I can honestly say that the only piece of fabric I bought for this quilt was the backing. Everything else came from my stash. The binding was made up using all the leftovers from cutting out the vans. It will not win any prizes in the quilting department as it was simply machine quilted in the ditch with invisible thread. Having kept them warm all around the Country it is holding out reasonably well. One day they will have matching cushions. They are still in a dark place. ( Stop nagging me Oll).

My favourite block - a pink campervan. Well what would you expect of me? One thing that amused me. I loaned the quilt to a local Church that was having a craft display and someone had hung it at the front of the church above the altar. I called the quilt " Run to the Sun" but maybe it was going somewhere even higher.

On Sunday we went for a drive over to Dunster. I have previously shown you Dunster from the coast. This is Dunster Castle and it is a beautiful place. It is a National Trust property and we love to wander around the grounds.

The views are just amazing and it is one of my most favourite of places.
I imagine just simply being able to sit in this spot with my sewing and looking out to sea.

I am very late with klosjes reporting but total now stands at 105.

Happy stitching

Love Shirley.x


  1. That is possibly the coolest and most fabulous quilt EVER

  2. What a fun quilt. When you are that age how can you take life seriously. Thank goodness for their free spirit they make the world go round.
    Sue x

  3. Just LOVE the campervan quilt! It is probably set to become a contemporary classic!

  4. Sarah Sherratt1 June 2010 at 22:29

    Mother.....could you find a more horrendous picture of me?!

    p.s. Less blogging....more cushion quilting eh?

  5. Love the story of Penny and The Quilt! You did a fantastic job and really captured the "essence" of Penny. When we were young, we used to go surfing every weekend and our best friend had a blue combi called "Greg". It travelled many miles with many bodies crammed into it and surfboards on the roof - oh the memories!

    Love that Castle. It must be fun to sit and wonder what life was like way back then.

    Congratulations on 105!

  6. Dear Sarah,
    I thought you looked quite beautiful in the photo myself you insubordinate child. It is your own fault for not supplying me with a photo of your choice!! ha! One day i will surprise you.xx

  7. What a wonderful post Shirley, my you have been busy. The quilt is fabulous and obviously much loved. If those vans could speak! I always love seeing photos of your surrounds and am wishing myself there as I write.
    You have a gorgeous daughter and the photo was perfect for the post.
    Good luck with all your projects and enjoy your sewing!

  8. What a wonderful quilt and the campervan certainly brings back memories for me. When I lived in the UK in 1971 all my Aussie friends were travelling around the UK and the Continent in campervans just like that.

  9. What a great story and a great quilt! Safe travels to your daughter!

  10. I had a Volkswagen pop up camper bus! LOVED IT! My kids still remember it. Love the quilt! That's probably the coolest quilt I've ever seen!!!! Ya'll have fun and be safe in your travels! I love your photos!!! XO

  11. Brilliant camper van quilt. Takes me back to the days when we used to drive around the Cornish coast chasing decent surf.

  12. I'm so jealous :o) My DH and I would love to have a campervan...but I need a new kitchen and double glazing before there is any chance of having a budget for that kind of restoration :o)

    Love your campervan quilt...it is adorable!!

  13. OMG...this VW brought back memories! Had one in a former life and when there was a hill bigger than a gentle incline,it was iffy if the van would get up there.
    I absolutely love the quilt that your insubordinate daughter got...did you design it yourself? it really is a beaut!

  14. SHIRLEY!!!!
    Wow! I am sorry, that os one FANTASTIC quilt!!!
    Seriously awesome!
    I think it should have a permanent place on your blog...

    I am not joking!

    Now can I please be your lady in waiting and sit next to you as we stitch away enjoying that view?
    Oh, my!

    thanks for Penny's story! Sarah and Olly did good.

  15. How cute!!! I love it! I've only made doggy quilts for my kids vehicles....love the idea of having a campervan quilt...They will so put it to good use, I'm sure....Gotta love the free spirit of our young ones, eh! They can move the world if they have to!

  16. Love that quilt it is so happy and you have to LOVE Penny. I have just shown Lucas and he gave Penny the nod of approval.

  17. Love your campervan quilt it adorable!


  18. Wow!!!! what a great site and i feel happy to post Aussie Campervans

  19. Shirley this is the most awesome quilt I've ever seen ! :D I love it--I think you've just inspired my next project. I love Dunster--well, I love everything about Britain. :) Have a fab weekend...
    Following you in the hopes you make another quilt like this and sell it! LOL