Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Fussy cutting

I bought a metre of fabric with the intention of seeing how many flowers I can fussy cut out of it. So far I have 5 and have realised that you can cut the same patch again and turn it upside down and it will look different. It isn't as easy as it looks though as getting the seams to match can be a little tricky.

Following the exhibition I decided to seek out another old project that is lurking in the darkest depths. This little cot quilt is a good half way quilted and I don't really know why I abandoned it. It took me ages to locate the thread, lucky I still had it as I could quite easily have used it for something else. Anyone else do that? The pattern is by Sandie Lush and the fabric is a very soft cotton sateen. The mistake I made(typical quilter pointing this out)was that I noticed part way into the quilting that I had drawn the design onto the wrong side of the fabric. It isn't really noticeable unless you know that the right side should have a soft sheen to it. I used a watercolour pencil for the marking as per Sandie's instructions and of course having been in a cupboard for so long the markings are just about visible so I am having to re draw as I go and I really do need good light and my glasses. (Barbara do you know what you are letting yourself in for?!!!)

As it is my birthday on Sunday the Wednesday sewing girls gave me my birthday presents. Wendy gave me a Singer Sewing Machine. How lucky am I? It made me laugh as it is for a 6 year old and is battery operated. I shall test it later to see how it works. When I get my new sewing room up and running I shall have it on display for a laugh. Today was a pink day.

You may also note the very posh rubber gloves. They are of course pink, edged with fur and sport a pearl ring on one of the fingers. I love them Wendy. I have had some nice pieces of fabric, beads and a new book to get into, a little box for bits and pieces and the prettiest bag from Rosemary which will go lovely with my new dress for my nieces wedding. It cheered me up no end today as I am still feeling under the weather.

Happy stitching.



  1. Belated birthday wishes, Great pressie's - Glad you have found the lurker in the cupboard, I can't imagine how many of those are around on this planet.
    Hope you are feel better soon.
    S x

  2. Happy early birthday, and what a lucky lady you are to get such lovely pink sewing gifts. You're going to have FUN with all of them.

    Your hexagon flowers are little works of art. Very impressive!

  3. Happy Birthday! :)
    Oh, let me say that when I opened the screen and saw the photo of your hexies, I gasped! They look like lace!!!~absolutely the most beautiful I have EVER seen! EVER! STUNNING!

    The sweetest presents~ how thoughtful and FUN! :)

  4. Happy Birthday for Sunday! WOW!!! Your hexie flowers are just gorgeous!

  5. Happy, happy birthday! Your hexies are grand! Look like you've turned a kaleidoscope and the jewels have rearranged! Can appreciate how challenging they must have been...but turned out great! Sorry you are feeling a bit under the weather, hope the good birthday wishes and a bit of sewing soon have you back in the "pink"! ;-)

  6. Happy Birthday !! I just love your hex's,they are amazing !!!

  7. Happy Birthday Shirley!!!!! I love your pressies and those rubber gloves are fantastic!
    Your hexies are gorgeous and isn't it amazing how the patterns change with the one piece of fabric.
    Your handquilting project is divine, I can't believe you left it in the cupboard for so long and as for the thread, that is something that I would definately do!
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  8. Isn't amazing how many different designs you can get out of one fabric. The hexies look great and your handquilting is gorgeous.
    Happy birthday for Sunday and guess what, my birthday is in July too!
    Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  9. The hexagons look great and what a wonder fabric is and how different it can look with fussy cutting.
    My group are having a party on Sunday to celebrate Christmas in July (cooler than in December here) and we will toast your birthday. What a lot of fun your friends are and so creative.

  10. Your hexies are amazing!! I love the patterns you created!

    Beautiful stitching in your quilting! I can't wait to see it finished.

    Happy Birthday for Sunday!!

  11. happy Birthday!
    love those little hexies, yes fussy cutting fabric is fun and your right some fabrics will make many different looks from the same fabric. Can't wait to see more
    I LOVE the cot quilt your hand quilting, just beautiful. Ah yes we all seem to point out our flaws don't we!!!!
    but to me it looks wonderful and I can't wait for you to finish it.
    pink sewing machine is just adorable!

  12. Happy Birthday for Sunday! I think your group must be a fun lot to give such a neat gift.
    The hexagons are gorgeous. Jean of Linen and Raspberry did a tut on how she does her fussy cutting to match the bits. Fabrics not always printed exact though.
    Your quilting is fantastic, what's your batting of choice?

  13. Hi Shirl
    Those hexes are still go'geous.
    Hope you have a good birthday, drink pink champagne, look after your pinkies,(how else will you stitch), and are in the Pink of health by then.

  14. Belated birthday wishes. Those fussy cut flowers are just gorgeous. I love the quilting. Just curious as to how the watercolour pencils work out for marking - I have a baby quilt coming up!

  15. Happy Birthday Shirley! & wow, stunning fussy cut flowers, they look fabulous! Which fabric did you use?
    Love the sewing machine, it had to be a pink one for you, didn't it? LOL Your friends know you well!
    Have a super weekend :)

  16. Also meant to say beautiful quilting on that cot quilt, it would be a shame for it to remain unfinished.

  17. I only just discovered your blog, and enjoyed looking at your quilts. Beautiful!!!!

    Happy Birthday from a fellow birthday girl, same age!

    ~ Ronda

  18. Wow! These are the most beautiful fussy cut hexagons I have ever seen...well done!

  19. Hi, Shirley! I saw your comments on my blog! Thank you for visiting and come back whenever you want! Could you put a translator in your blog too? Would be easier for me to follow! Your designs are beautiful! Congratulations! Sorry for my english, but I have to use a translator! I hope you understand!

    Bia Cardeal

  20. Love your pink pressies, your hand quilting looks terrific (and yes, I think I do know what I'm letting myself in for) and those hexagons are a complete knockout. It's enough to make anyone reach for an oatcake...........

  21. Wow amazing fussy cut hexies!! Very clever!!