Saturday, 26 June 2010

Quilt Show Review

It was a colourful sight that greeted us on arriving at the village hall this morning and there would have been no doubt that something was happening. There was bunting galore, in every colour possible and beautifully made and doing well in the days extremely strong sunshine. It has been a scorcher today with a steady stream of visitors throughout the day.

The exhibition was organised this year by group members Ann Eckley and Sally McCann,I hope you will agree with me that they did a great job. It is no mean feat taking on this task and only possible if everyone does their bit and helps out and of course without the fabulous quilts there wouldn't be a show to put on. Well done to everyone for all your hard work in making your quilts and all background efforts behind the scenes. Those of you out there that have done it will know.

Some of you may recognise the fabrics in this quilt as they were bought Down Under and this quilt was made by Marilyn Mann. I love the colours of this quilt and have had to go back and keep looking at it today.

Another fabulous quilt again by Marilyn. It was machine quilted at Step by Step patchwork shop by Marilyn using their facilities and machine.

Every year we have a tombola for which we collect, make and donate all sorts of bits and pieces. We had a rota to help out and this afternoon it was the turn of Kate and myself to run the tombola stall. We had a small crowd of people all wanting a go at winning something. We had a little patter going and as game show hostesses I can safely say that Tess Daly your job is safe. It ran like this " come and have a twirl with Shirl" as we spun the tombola tub. One chap's eyes lit up. I don't know what he thought he was getting but his prize of a can of deodorant put a stop to it. Ha! This photo shows from the left Juliet Heaton, Pat (with the pearl earring)Sumner and Ann McLaren.

Sue Lewis loves blue. It is a great quilt Sue. It was sent away to be gammill quilted.

These two dodgy characters were lurking in the vicinity of a campervan quilt and could be heard muttering something about matching cushions. I think it might have been aimed at me but it went over my head. Olly, I have a suitable bowl and I have sharpened my scissors ready for that haircut!!

Sarah Covey works amazingly hard on behalf of the quilt group and the Pot Luck table did a roaring trade today. We had everything on there from fabric, to thread, to books and lots of cross stitch kits which sold very well.

This lovely work in progress belongs to Sally McCann. I think it was started as a project from the internet. The colours are so soft and pretty and I may have to sneak it home with me.

The secret to a long life apparently is cider and you have to say the little poem like Pam Ayres.

Sheppey's Cider Farm down the road loaned a few bits and pieces for the display and that lit Olly's eyes up as he asked how much for the bottles of cider.

A trug full of delicious fabric apples.

I hope you have enjoyed the days review. There will be more this week as there is far too much to tell you in one go. Keep posted.

Love Shirley.x


  1. Love the campervan quilt! lol Reminds me of my VW popup camper I had.. daddy always said he expected me to come driving in with flowers painted all over it. wish I still had it! Charming little village and the quilts are so amazing! Thank you for sharing. Still time to enter my GIVEAWAY if anyone wants to pop on over... XO

  2. The Quilt Show looks like a huge success and I wish I could blink my eyes and come visit. Love the bunting and all the quilts were beautiful, especially that campervan quilt with those two beautiful people standing beside it! Congratulations to the organisers and to all of you that work so hard to put a show together.

  3. Your photos take me back to the first quilt show I ever went to, it's so similar and that's how quilting got me hooked. It is a lot of hard work but you should all be so pleased. Of couse, I loved seeing the quilts, lovely little displays and the people.

  4. Thank you for all the photos, sharing your quilt show with us. Too bad it was just a bit far from here to attend. So much work goes into the planning, and then suddenly it's over. It sounds like you had great success. I always enjoy seeing quilts and displays at a show.

  5. Your post is almost the next best thing to being there. It looks so colourful and inviting, lots of displays and things to buy. The quilts are gorgeous. Good to see you had some family support.

  6. Beautiful quilt show review. hugs

  7. What a fabulous quilt show and what a fun day you must have all had. I love the different stalls and displays and of course the quilts, the real stars of the day, look fabulous. I look forward to seeing more.

  8. Doesn't everything look wonderful! As a "making bunting survivor" I particularly enjoyed the outdoor shot - so many quilts and lovely work to admire inside too.

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  10. Shirley getting updated at last with Technology through my daughter in law here in the USA. Janet sent me your blog address and what a delight it was to be able to go through it. I really enjoyed the pictures and was so pleased to hear about the exhibition at B of Tone. Will be heading home tomorrow, looking forward to seeing you.

    Kath Batten

  11. Glad to see the quilt show was a success & thank you for posting all these wonderful quilts for us to enjoy :)Love the aborinal fabric quilt & the campervan quilt is really fun!