Thursday, 3 June 2010

Fully Fledged Robins

Wednesday was our final exchange day of the round robin quilts we have been working on. We were excited and some of us were a little emotional (Pat you are as bad as me)

Margaret made a border from the delectable mountains block. It is really dramatic and Wendy loved it. Well done Margaret that was a real test of your maths skills working it all out to fit so well. Who would have imagined how it would all have turned out from Wendy's tiny little block in the centre.

This is Margaret's quilt looking so fantastic. The plain black border was all it needed and I think it looks almost Amish. Well done to Kate.

I saw Wendy working on the corner blocks for this border and I never caught on what it was for. The 8 pointed star is hand stitched using the Inklingo method and with the plain cream border it is just so beautiful. Pat I adore this one.

Next up is my quilt. I have mentioned before that Rosemary chooses such pretty fabric and she did me proud. You will have to click and enlarge to see what I mean. That fabric is just so lovely. I am still deliberating as to what I shall do next with it, a few more borders methinks. I just love it and I had a tear or two in my eyes. Thank you girls.

I thought to myself - Pinwheels. Thats what I will do for Rosemary's quilt. I cannot add up. I busily cut and chain sewed and thought yeh! done. No chance. I cut some more and chain sewed again and then I had to add a little narrow border to make it all fit. Luckily my husband was away as it took me all day. At least it meant I could do it without having to stop to make a full meal and tidy away so we could eat it. One day I will have a proper sewing room. By the time I had finished it I was feeling very pleased with myself and Rosemary it was hard to let this one go. I think Rosemary was pleased.

Last, but not least is Kate's quilt. Pat added a simple border in a tan fabric that is perfect for it. As it is still set on point Kate has a further challenge to bring it back to a square. Can't wait to see what you do with it Kate. It will be fabulous.

I think you will agree that the results speak for themselves. We have all enjoyed doing them and without a pattern to follow a bit of brainwork has had to be used. I have a few odd blocks hidden away and wonder if they can be used in the same way. Would you be able to be as free with your own work? Can you challenge yourself in the same way? Sometimes it needs a fresh pair of eyes to take it in a different direction.

Thought you might like a few more views of Dunster. Thatched cottages by the ford.

This little building is called The Yarn Market. It is very old and used to be where it all happened in the village. It was the gathering place for goods to be bought and sold. It even has inside the building holes where it got attacked by cannon balls during one of its skirmishes. It is quite a sight to behold when you enter the village as nothing prepares you for what you see. The castle is also at the top of this road and you see the whole shebang. My one everlasting memory is of my girls when they were little dancing to the christmas carols as the brass band played in there.

Pretty thatched cottages at the bottom of the village.

Wisteria in a pretty little corner of one of the open gardens.

Happy stitching

Love Shirley.


  1. Every one a winner - stunning stuff indeed. Loved the village pics as well!

  2. So sad ( and happy for the participants) to see this project coming to an end. I have really enjoyed watching the quilts evolve. Those quilts will symbolise your friendship forever.

  3. Thank you for sharing these wonderful quilts with us all - you should all take a bow! Just love he photos around Dunster.

  4. Hi Shirley, first I would like to say thank you for visiting my blog and welcome you as a follower! Your quilts are fabulous and as Elyte said, they will symbolise your friendships! I have some blocks from swaps over the years and I cherish each of them.
    Hope you have a great day!

  5. They all look great. I love round robins. Its nice to be able to do something for someone else, They have that living memory of one and others work. Never been to Dunster will have to take a little road trip it looks lovely.
    Well done to you all.

  6. Oh Shirley I love your quilt. The others are all beauties too, but yours has those colours in it that says you!
    What lovely photos of the village! Can't imagine the restoration required to keep something looking so pristine!

  7. Don't they look good Shirl, still don't know what to do with, mine, whether or not to enlarge it.Still feel like nudging in some hexes.
    Maybe we could do our own little round robin,between you and me, maybe we know each other too well lol.
    Photos of Dunster are great, will maybe try and go next week.

  8. They all look so wonderful and so individual. I don't think it would be easy to do one for yourself as there would always be a pre-conceived idea. Lovely photos. What's the next challenge by the way?

  9. WOW!!! You have all done such an amazing job! You should be very proud of yourselves. I am really looking forward to Christmas so we can see them all finished.

    Love the pics of Dunster. You have such a long history in England which we lack here.

  10. Lovely quilts!~Yours is especially my cup of tea! :) LOVE the photos of Dunster and really hope you'll show us more in your travels. It's so nice to be able to travel from our armchair! :) We've been fortunate to be able to travel to Europe in years past, but can't go at teh moment with my husband's health issues. So glad we did when we could and now I have your lovely blog! :)

  11. All of your quilts are lovely you all should be very proud and excited to get them back. I love those lovely thatched roof cottages.

  12. Sarah Sherratt14 June 2010 at 21:20

    In response to "one day I'll have a sewing room..." - you already do! In fact, you're working on a second by my count....only problem is that you can't get into it for fabric!! Actually, scrap that (get it?!) what part of the house isn't your sewing room! Will need a third extension soon....

  13. Oh What did I do to deserve this child of mine? She is cheeky beyond control and she was such a sweet little girl!!!