Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Waiting In The Wings......

Are three very excited girls wanting to make their entrance onto the stage. They have been practising and are now ready to show you what they can do. These girls are sisters, not always devoted to each other but, when it comes down to it they love each other and know what is right.

Mary - Is the eldest of the three. She has a great sense of what is required of her and is strong willed but, sometimes she wants to break free and do her own thing.

Edith - Is the middle sister and is sometimes overlooked by her family and often she causes mischief to get her own back. Deep down she is very loving and she is loved.

Sybil - Is the youngest of the sisters and the youngest member of the troupe. She is a daring girl and likes to shock but she is also the most kindest and caring of girls. Sybil has an ambition to be a nurse.

Exit stage left.


Take a bow girls.

There! I knew they were ready to meet their public. I love the fabric I found the other day and think it will make the perfect backing.

This morning I came downstairs to make a cup of tea and the light filtering through the window blinds was highlighting the trees outside and it looked pretty amazing.

Happy Stitching.


Sunday, 5 February 2012

House Building

This week there have been two houses built. All the pieces came from the scrap bag and Wendy may recognise the ones on the right as they came from a rummage in the scrap bag that she gave me. I know they were meant for the doggy pillows and yes, I know, I am shameless but, the real scraps have gone into the pillow. Honest!

Total houses built - 7.

Quiltmania is my favourite magazine and I just had to make this little pouch from this issue. It took a bit of humming and arrghing and some head scratching but eventually it worked out and I am thrilled with the result.The pattern is a log cabin formula and is made of folds of fabric. The fabrics were a gift from my friend Pat last year and high time they were used. I can see lots of possibilities with this little bag and may be making a few more. The hardest part was fitting the little zippers onto the zip itsself. Fiddly. Inside though, it is finished beautifully as per instructions.

Down at Cawsands the other weekend I found this beautiful hydrangea in a churchyard. It was a blustery day and this flower was rocking about so I am amazed to snap it so well. The petals had gone skeletal and looked quite beautiful. They look like handmade lace.

The bedroom is at last finished and no I didn't lock my husband in there or the builder for that matter. The builder/decorator did a great job and we are pleased with our new look room. I patiently waited my turn and over the months the doubt kicked in and I thought my choices of everything wouldn't work, but it does. Phew!! The kitchen too is now neat and fresh and I am on a mission to de junk my house.(Not my sewing room though).

I did sew together quite a few hexagons but thought that they would save for the grand reveal. One day that will happen.

Hope that wherever you are you are staying warm/cool and enjoying some stitching.