Friday, 25 June 2010

Apple Cores

This is my own quilt exhibition or rather my entries into our patchwork group's exhibition. It is this weekend and is in the process of being set up now and ladies, if you hurry, you can get a flight and come and see us, there is time. We will look after you.

This quilt was finished at gone midnight last night. It has been in the making for a long time and I finally finished it - drum roll please.I have called it Apple Cores and it is hand pieced and hand quilted. It is also a scrap quilt and a one patch quilt. You ladies of a certain age will know what I mean when I say hand quilting a large quilt in a heat wave when you are having a hot flush is not a wise move and it has been a hot week with the weather set to last. Maybe this is last years barbecue summer that we waited for.

This cushion is a pattern called Bullseye and was made in a workshop with the delightful Anne Baxter. If you get the chance to go to one of Anne's workshops then do because Anne is wonderful company, talented and generous to a tee, both with what she has in supplies and with her knowledge.

Remember all those little jars that were filled a few posts back now? They are on the sales table and this quilt is hanging up behind it. It looks very colourful. Again, only finished yesterday. Why, oh why do I leave things till the last minute?!!!

The next two quilts are the same but different colours. It is such a lovely quilt to make. The pattern is called Paradise Hearts and is from I am not sure if it is still in print but you can always email them and check.

One of the challenges that I set our group was to make a quilt the size of a quilters ruler 24"x6". The theme was water. We had some great entries and this was my offering. It is called "Little Snapping Turtle". I enjoyed making this as it was a great excuse to add a few beads and buttons. It was another very wet year and Kate's entry made me laugh as she did a roadsign just poking out of the water and she machine quilted the poem Dr. Foster went to Gloucester all over it. My daughter's boyfriend who is a marine geographer told me that those little turtle's live on that seaweed. Of course I knew that!!!!!

Remember when I knocked off the head of the very pretty and unusual geranium at Barrington? Well, it is now in full bloom and looks beautiful.

Missing from the mini exhibition are Gleanings and Penny's Run to the Sun. You have seen them in the last few weeks but they are at the real quilt show.

Anyone who is in the vicinity and fancies a day out do come and see us. We are at Bradford on Tone Village Hall, Wellington. Saturday and Sunday, 10.00am - 4.00pm. Refreshments are available and there is a pub across the road should you want something more than cake and tea. We will be only too pleased to see you. All monies raised is going to Macmillan Cancer Support.

I promise not to forget my camera and will take lots of pics of the day. It is looking good there. Are you sure you can't get here?!!

Enjoy your stitching.

Love Shirl.xx


  1. You deserve a big pat on the back for the big effort in finishing. I love the idea of the quilts the size of the rulers, yours is really gorgeous. The apple core looks great, I bet that one will be on show next Christmas.
    I'll be watching out for photos, have a great show.

  2. Thank you for the lovely post! What grand strides you've been making during those "power surges" the light outer border on the apple core...great accent! So many cute quilts/photos...all just adorable! Hope the cash jars all jingle and you are able to send a big check to the charity account! Hugs!

  3. It all looks so good! And finished too!! Well done, hope the weekend goes really well.

  4. Great effort and well done. All your quilts are lovely. I really like the two heart quilts and the artistry in the Little Snapping Turtle. Your apple cores almost look Christmasy. Have a great day and take lots of photos. Wish I could be there.

  5. Well done Shirley, If I had more time I would come down but afraid I will just have to enjoy your own private show and tell.

    Hope you raise loads of money for this worthy cause.

  6. So gorgeous! Great job! I want to make one, one day.... but this is incredible!!!!!! :)
    GIVEAWAY for anyone interested over at my blog!

  7. Excellent effort. The apple cores look so real...that was a lot of apples! good for you!

  8. I love Apple Cores, it seems to have a glow about it. The other pieces you have done are so lovely too. Wish I could come but unfortunately i have to go into work tomorrow and Sunday hope it all goes well.

  9. That apple core quilt is gorgeous! I applauded your perseverance to quilt it in this heat! Phew!

  10. I did miss this post!!!! I love your apple core quilt, I am going to make one of those one day. Yours is so cute and congrats for finishing it in time. I also love your ruler challenge quilt, you are so clever thinking up these wonderful ideas.
    So pleased that the geranium is back in full flower after the little mishap, it is really pretty.

  11. Well done on all the finishes Shirley. Love the apple core quilt & the cushion. The ruler challenge is also beautiful, very creative with the beading, love the seaweed effect dangling from the bottom.