Sunday, 24 November 2013

Pretty in Pink

A trumpet fanfare is in order or a drum roll at the very least for I have finally finished this pretty little number. You had better look away now if pink is not your thing. I am pleased with how it looks and the little person it was made for has had a lie on it and declared it fit for purpose.

There are a few names for this pattern. Periwinkle, Hummingbird and Kite. There may be more. The quilting was inspired by seeing an old version on Pinterest and the patchwork templates came via Petra Prins in Holland. I can spend hours on Pinterest but here is proof that at least some of that time was useful. All in the name of research. The binding was also done after seeing a method on Pinterest. It was made by  bringing the backing fabric to the front and mitring the corners. I shall use it again.

Progress in the sewing department has been slower than slow for several reasons. My shoulder pain is ongoing or more to the point the aching muscles around the joint have made it hard going. I am pleased to say that it is improving, slowly. Because I have not been sewing much the desire to sew departed too and this has caused me a lot of bother. The mojo well and truly disappeared.

My little miss is growing nicely and is such a joy. I am mesmerised by her hands. The first thing I noticed about her was her lovely fingers. They looked like matchsticks but, now they are plump and learning to grasp and feel. Will they be stitching fingers?

I treated myself to a bunch of pretty roses from the supermarket. I LOVE that delicate shade of green.

There is an App on the IPad which allows you to take a photo and play around with the image. At a touch it can produce fabulous kaleidoscopic images such as this.  Lots of yummy thoughts go through my mind with this but that is where it will have to stay, at least for the time being.

Happy Stitching