Thursday, 30 July 2015

I Spy.....

I Spy with my little eye......

A chicken, a cow, a goldfish. Cakes. Mmmmm.

A dog, a bone, paw prints.

A cat, a penguin, a bird house. A boy.

Almost there with the quilting. Just the borders to do now. All these things came from my stash. Surprising what is in there when you dig deep. I have had great fun finding fabrics to use and Maisie has tested it out by finding her own things. She spotted a owl and a bike and a baa. She identifies animals mostly by the noise they make although a cow is a dow. It amuses me listening to her testing words out. Holding her hand up and say "a hand " and then holding the other one up and repeating it as though she is surprised to find another one.

Anyone interested in a kitchen update? Yes?

Oh yes! It has been worth all the mess and upheaval and it is fabulous. A very glamorous kitchen

No, it is not a tv but a rather good extractor fan.

For those who like details. Walls painted in Slaked Lime, units painted in Slaked Lime Mid and the dresser is in Slaked Lime Deep all by Little Greene paint. The worktop is Ivory Fantasy granite. Just waiting for the window blind now. Order is being restored throughout the house. Phew!

I love it.

Back to the stitching.

Happy Stitching.