Monday, 28 June 2010

Quilt Show Review Part 2

Day two saw us equally busy but with a much slower start. The afternoon was almost manic. We put it down to the WAGS coming in not wanting to be part of the England Football fiasco. ( WAGS - wives and girlfriends, usually a prefix for footballers partners). I think we could have carried on until much later in the evening we were so busy. It was a good, happy, relaxed atmosphere with lots of chatter. Visitors were asked to vote for their favourite and you could hear conversations like " oh! difficult. Do I vote for the one I think has the most interesting quilt or the one that I could take home and live with?" Of course I offered to slip a few fivers to try and win this award. Not yet decided. Ann took the box home with her to count. I don't yet know all the facts and figures, but we did well and a decent check will go to Macmillan Cancer Support.

The raffle quilt was won by Abigail Marsh, daughter of the promoter. At least we know it has gone to a home that knows about quilts and it will be loved. I also made a document of all the details involved with what went into the making of the quilt. Things like the challenge details, who made which block, costs, who was responsible for the making up and quilting. It is something that I think should be done with any quilt made for charity. Hopefully it will be a good provenance to stay with the quilt for future generations.

This is the stage end of the Village hall and we made a banner to fit across the top of it. It was very fitting this year as the theme was apples.

This cushion is by Ann McLaren and I offered to take it off her hands at the end of the show. I love it and it will go very nicely in my home. Anytime Ann, I shall be waiting!!! Ann is a very talented embroiderer and runs The West Country Embroiderers group.

This Japanese style quilt was made by Joyce Turner. Joyce loves hand piecing and is a hand quilter and always produces beautiful work.

This quilt is quietly understated, gentle like Juliet Heaton, the maker, and has some lovely quilting on it.

A playmat, made by Vaila Croudace. Lovely little quilt Vaila and so cheerful.

Janet Daniels's version of our challenge blocks. Janet is on a seaside theme at the minute and I thought this looked quite nautical. It is great Janet. There were a few finishes for this challenge and I will show them at another time.

Ann Eckley's Civil War quilt and her first quilt although she is a much experienced stitcher these days.

Vaila's quilt made in a workshop with Anne Baxter. Love the use of red.

Janet Daniels - Autumn leaves. Janet likes things with a mathematical working out and interlocking shapes.

Janet Kittow standing next to a quilt by Mary Edwards. Janet is the most hardest working woman I know. Before the quilt exhibition she was up at 6.00 am on a quad bike rounding up her cows for milking, and off to milk them again after the show. Somehow in between she produces amazing quilts.She also has the most loveliest temperament of anyone I know.

I couldn't do full justice to Wendy's beautiful seaside quilt so here is just a small detail and this block is my favourite - the jellyfish. At least Wendy finished hers. Mine is still un quilted but I do promise that it will be started sometime soon. I want to handquilt mine.

Last but not least this little hexagon beauty is by Sally McCann. Love it Sally. It is all Liberty fabrics.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing a few more of our exhibits.

Happy stitching.

Love Shirley.x


  1. thanks for sharing the quilt show Shirley. They are all wonderful and so varied! The hall looks fantastic and I love the bunting banner on the stage. You should all be very proud of yourselves for doing such a wonderful job.

  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful quilt show with us - you should all be very proud of your achievement.

  3. Looks like it was a feast for the eyes! Love that jelly fish too. The fabric choices are perfect!

  4. Do I like the jellyfish best, or the gorgeous cushion - no, they're all wonderful! A great show, congratulations to all involved.

  5. Apologies if I don't reply immediately to you as I am feeling under the weather. Have very itchy eyes and can barely keep them open and my neck and shoulders are a wee bit sore. A good night's sleep may do the trick.

  6. Oh Shirley, to be years younger!
    Your show was fabulous and the effort you put in to meet your deadlines was amazing. Take some time out because there is still plenty more to do..
    Was the show near the cricket series that the Australians lost 3 - nil?
    Do you think quilting and quiltmaking is a reflection on how our brains work? I think there is a definite correlation. If I was younger I might do a research project on the topic.

  7. Fabulous quilt show over these two posts. So much beautiful stuff but I do like that embroidered cushion. Congratulations.

  8. I loved your quilt show news, almost like being there. What a bunch of wonderful quilters, sharing their passion. How many of the wags will get interested in quilts I wonder.

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed the show Shirley - I popped in on Sunday morning but limited time prevented me from catching up with you upstairs in the refreshments area - gorgeous quilts, a real pleasure to the eye - well done ladies

  10. Somehow I've missed this post. WHat a wonderful show! I'd love to meet this dear lady with the cows... :)
    Where can I find the Seaside pattern?!!!??! I've not seen this! and would love to make it, based on what I've seen here... :)