Tuesday, 15 June 2010


At long last a FINISH. Tadah!! I have worked hard these last few weeks trying to get this done for our group's exhibition next week. I am calling it "Gleanings". It measures 65" square.

There are several definitions in the dictionary but this one I think is very appropriate. It means :- to gather, collect and accumulate information and material, bit by bit. I am not quite sure it means fabric, but hey, the description fits.

I am also calling it "Gleanings" because my friend Val kept giving me little bags with her scraps in and as she gave them to me she said " more gleanings". Thank you to all my friends for saving me all your scraps. I am now thinking of what else I can do with them as this can just go on indefinitely. I also liked the idea of calling it "Cover Stories" or "Bedside Reading". It was also an exercise in using what I had. I didn't buy a single thing for this quilt. The wadding was leftover from a project long abandoned and Wendy gave me some of her leftovers in exchange for some of the backing fabric. The backing fabric also was from the same abandoned project. The sashing strips were hauled from out of my stash.

Last Saturday we went to Beer in East Devon. It is a very pretty, unspoiled seaside town. The weather was magnificent and turned out much hotter than expected.

This little boat was just bobbing along....

Then we walked right over to the other side of the bay and watched a gang of teenagers giggling away, catching crabs. It was so very pleasant to just sit with a nice pot of tea, bliss.

For such a warm sunny day it was very quiet. I can only assume it was because England were later playing their first World Cup game. Oh Joy!!! The only thing for it is to stitch the time away.

Happy Stitching

Love Shirley.x


  1. Gorgeous quilt Shirley! Love the way you've used the light & dark pink for the sashings, it really adds to the overall design, brilliant!

  2. A quilt for free. Its lovely and hope your exhibition goes well.
    I have never been to Beer but remember a friend going there and sending a card with BEER IS BEST written on it. Looks like it was a lovely day for you.

  3. Great title and a super quilt - isn't "finished" just the best word sometimes?! Are you collecting for another gleanings piece??

  4. Congratulations on a lovely quilt with a great name. Thanks for the photos of Beer, I haven't been there since the very early Seventies but have fond memories of it.

  5. What a gorgeous quilt and so appropriately named! You must be so pleased with it!

  6. I see selvages along with the other strips of color. It looks like a fun quilt, and those sashing strips are the perfect colors to separate the blocks.

  7. Your quilt looks amazing Shirley! Well Done!!! What a lovely little spot you visited, it looks so quiet and peaceful.

  8. The quilt is charming and the photos lovely!
    Thank you for the armchair vacation!

  9. Very gorgeous quilt, Shirley !!!

  10. Your string quilt is fantastic, I love it and more so because you didn't have to buy anything. How is it quilted? Loved seeing pretty Devon, lovely spot.

  11. Great quilt...leftovers, nothing better in quilting and food!
    What is it about little boats just bobbing on anchor that makes us need to take the photos? There is always a story to these boats, even to how one decided to colour it what it is...lovely pic.

  12. Well done with the finish, it looks great. Yes, I think that name is appropriate and has a nice ring to it - Gleanings. Thanks for the extra photos I love seeing your surrounds, it's like a travel brochure.

  13. What a beautiful quilt. Congratulations on being featured on the Selage Blog too.
    Jenny from New Zealand

  14. What a pretty quilt..I love how the little strips frame it all.

    Your trip to the seaside sounds so restful...something I think we all crave for at this time of year.

  15. I do love your quilt you should be really pleased with it. Beer looks such a peaceful spot and the weather looks perfect for sitting and enjoying the view.

  16. Congratulations Shirley, seriously : a fantastic finish! Oh, I am so amazed! It is gorgeous! :)
    Oh, and thank you so much for those gorgeous pictures... I can nearly feel the salty air!
    It took me a while to come by, but I'm here now! :) Still waiting for baby, but enjoying every minute with my sis and niece.
    xox from Holland,