Sunday, 23 May 2010

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun so they say and let me tell you that temperatures here are soaring. I have retreated indoors for a bit of coolness. I hate to say that as I have longed for some sunshine, now we have it, it is baking. I am not complaining and will venture out again soon.

I managed a few klosjes yesterday too - 9. My total now, and please can I have a drum roll - ta da!! 100. Hurrah. 152 to go!! The cushion on my garden chair is one of the first things that I made when I took up Patchwork. I made it for my daughter for her bedroom and it now lives in the summer house. Suffice to say it is very faded although holding up fairly well. Sometimes you just can't be too precious about things, it was made to be used.

The bluebells this year have been beautiful and are on their way out

These beauties grow in abundance in my garden. I keep wanting to call them cornflowers but they aren't. I am sure someone will know what they are and tell me.

This quilt was the winner and best in show at Quilts UK. It is by Lilian Harris, Kent. It is beautifully stitched.

I love this one but cannot find the name of who made it in my guide book, so apologies.

For those of you who love miniatures. This was tiny but delightful. Made by Sandra Goldsbrough, Lincolnshire.

I don't know why I didn't get a full view of this quilt but the blocks were all along these lines. It was beautiful and delicate. Made by Judith Wilson,Hertfordshire and is called Strawberry Thieves, based on William Morris's designs and with inspiration from a book by Michele Hill. Machine appliqued and quilted.

Some of the goodies that came home with me. Barbara Chainey has the most beautiful quilt patterns and I think I have most of them now, collected over the last few years. The Japanese book is fantastic, full of amazing hand quilted beauties that has me wanting to stitch them all. Time is all I need!! A few more fabrics to help out The Farmer's Wife and the start of my Civil War fabrics.

Last but not least. The very talented Danielle won the competition for the search for Dorothy in Andrew Lloyd Webbers up and coming West End show Wizard of Oz. If you get the opportunity to go to London you won't be disappointed. She is just 18 and a star in the making. What has made me laugh and this is for you Sue-Anne, they also searched for a dog to play the role of Toto and the winner was Dave, who I swear is Buddy all the way from Australia. Even down to his little red bandana.

Enjoy the sun and Happy Stitching.

Love Shirley.


  1. Ha Ha! I'm so pleased Buddy's twin won the role. Somehow I think he will be a much more co-operative Toto than Buddy would be, unless of course the director continually fed him Schmackos!

    Congratulations on reaching 100!!!!!!!!

    Love all the quilts and your purchases and just have to say I love that applique block with the strawberries and birds - beautiful.

  2. Definitely gloriously hot here too, so much so that my screens were drying out while I was trying to print with them! I too have quite a few of Barbara's quilting pattern books but I have to admit that I've missed the Japanese one.

  3. Sue-Anne led me here to you, isn't Buddy sweet?!!? That's great news for the young budding star! I do love you finds. I have a few plums in the civil war, would like to make a quilt with them one day. Thank you for sharing all these lovely quilts with us! Beautiful! XO

  4. P.S>
    GLAD to see you are using your cushion! I'm a believer in this... :)
    So sorry it's HOT already! It is here also, but then I live in the south. Hope you have a lovely summer!

  5. Glad to hear the sun is shining with you. I have a friend over there at the moment so he will be happy. Well done on the 100 Kloses.

  6. Hot and humid here too! Almost time to turn on the air conditioner.

    I've been admiring all the klosjes and have wanted to get involved but summer is already rushing on! Very soon you will be to your halfway number of klosjes.

    Beautiful flowers and quilts! Your mystery flower reminds me of Stokesia. I like flowers but don't have a green thumb so perhaps someone can come up with the correct ID for you!

  7. Hi Shirley, love those new fabrics. The William Morris designs are close to my heart. I have such a stash of them and not sure what I am saving them for.We heard Michelle speak at a quilting day a few years ago. She is lovely and really down to earth. We met her briefly and had a fabulous day. Sorry can't help with the flower identification.

  8. Loved looking at your flowers...bluebells...ohhh, my favorite growing up! And that Heat! Please send some our way! plus 5 for the last 8 days...way too cold for May! I am so ready for sunshine and warmth!