Saturday, 3 October 2015


In recent weeks I have been fullfilling  a long obligation for my daughter.

When she was little she announced that when she was grown up she would buy a house next door to me and I could make the curtains. How kind!

Well. She did not buy a house next door but lives a good 30 minute drive away. She did however expect me to honour the curtain making request. Thankfully all her windows are small ones and I hope they are now all covered.

In the last few months they have had a new kitchen installed and these are curtains in the Dining Room end of the kitchen. Sarah made the window seat cushion herself. The cushions are bought ones. Think it looks lovely. The blue in the cushions reflects the colour of the Rayburn oven.

These are the kitchen window curtains. The house is old and we are yet to find out its age and history but feel it must have a story to tell. Love the mismatched tie back hooks. 

This is the kitchen during its transformation and my son in law standing against the Rayburn which is around 50 years old. 

This time last year we were preparing for their wedding. How time flies.

Happy Stitching.


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Jelly Roll Leftovers

My friend Wendy issued a challenge for our Wednesday sewing group. I am sure we all have jelly roll bundles that we stash and wonder what to do with them.

Wendy's challenge was to take a jelly roll and actually make something. Did not have to be a big item. The idea was then to pass on the remnants to someone else to use and make use of. Have you got the idea? It is a double challenge I think. Not only to make something using the scraps but to use fabrics that are not your choice. You would not believe these fabrics came from the same bundle that Wendy chose. 

I cannot yet show you what I made with my jelly roll because at this stage I still have not made it but the idea is there. I started off with Wendy's leftovers. It looked like a very pretty bundle of 1930's style fabrics but what to do with them. One thing I wanted to try was a Plus Sign quilt. This was the perfect opportunity to get it out of the system with something small.

To see how it would work I drew it out on graph paper then cut my strips into 2.5" squares.

Here it is all laid out on the floor ready for sewing. Even I occasionally feel the need to machine piece and this whipped up quickly. Love these colours and fabrics.

All stitched and a border added. Well, it had to be pink. I think it adds to the 1930's feel of it. I cannot remember the details of the fabric line but will ask Wendy.

Measures 32" square.

It is now all sandwiched and quilting has started. Progress may be a bit slower on this.

So far, so good. Five bundles to go.

Happy Stitching.


Thursday, 17 September 2015

Bubbles II Finished

Yay! A finish. At last.

It has now gone to live with a new owner. A dear friend who became a granny twice in 11 days. I had great fun making it and I know my friend will enjoy using it too.

Short and sweet post.

Happy Stitching.


Thursday, 30 July 2015

I Spy.....

I Spy with my little eye......

A chicken, a cow, a goldfish. Cakes. Mmmmm.

A dog, a bone, paw prints.

A cat, a penguin, a bird house. A boy.

Almost there with the quilting. Just the borders to do now. All these things came from my stash. Surprising what is in there when you dig deep. I have had great fun finding fabrics to use and Maisie has tested it out by finding her own things. She spotted a owl and a bike and a baa. She identifies animals mostly by the noise they make although a cow is a dow. It amuses me listening to her testing words out. Holding her hand up and say "a hand " and then holding the other one up and repeating it as though she is surprised to find another one.

Anyone interested in a kitchen update? Yes?

Oh yes! It has been worth all the mess and upheaval and it is fabulous. A very glamorous kitchen

No, it is not a tv but a rather good extractor fan.

For those who like details. Walls painted in Slaked Lime, units painted in Slaked Lime Mid and the dresser is in Slaked Lime Deep all by Little Greene paint. The worktop is Ivory Fantasy granite. Just waiting for the window blind now. Order is being restored throughout the house. Phew!

I love it.

Back to the stitching.

Happy Stitching.


Sunday, 21 June 2015

Parallel Lines

The Album Parallel Lines by Blondie was one our favourite when my husband and I first met and we played it over and over. I am mentioning it for several reasons. One, because it reminds me of Summer and today is glorious. Two, because it sprang to mind as I am quilting parallel lines on my Trip Around The World quilt. Plus, it is still a great album.

So many tracks to choose from and I hope the link works.

 Sunday Girl by Blondie.

I am using no. 16 Finca Perle. The little label inside says Tint 1065. It is a lovely cerise colour and works very well with the mix of pinks and lavenders. I would like to say it will get finished quicker making big stitches but it is hard going on already sore hands. I lke the effect though so on we go.

This week my kitchen has gone from this..........

To this........

It is going to be out of action for another 4 weeks and my dining room has been made into a temporary kitchen. I keep telling myself it is like Glamping. Have no idea really as I have never camped and have no intentions of camping but we can survive it. We have a kettle, a microwave and a crockpot. Oh! and a mini fridge It is not a huge kitchen but I am having painted units and the decorator requested I don't put anything in the cupboards. I would much rather wait an extra two weeks  than spoil the finish.

Progress is being made though. The wiring is all in place. The old floor tiles and wall tiles are gone and there is now a new floor surface. Tomorrow work starts on installing the new one. Cannot wait to see what this week brings. Hope it goes more smoothly than the last week.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Happy Stitching.


Monday, 11 May 2015

Pendle Hill Centre

I cannot believe that it is already a week ago since the last day of the workshops with Di Ford Hall.  This quilt has me gripped and I have stitched on it virtually every day. The centre of the urn is now completed and stitched to a square in readiness for the next stage which is to apply flowers to the edge of the circle.

My new passion is pentagons. These beautiful little flowers are stitched using 5/8" papers. Each one I make I declare it my favourite. Warning! Highly addictive. I already have a few ideas for making lots more of these. For this quilt I need 56.

These little beauties belong to my friend Marie. We had great fun playing with ideas for these. Marie has some great idas too for a whole new adventure.

Posing with Di in front of Phebe and Rotherfield Grey. Those quilts are amazing. 

This week I bought this little tray in a shop in Wellington. I love the colours and the green  suits my home very well. It is Mason's and the backstamp says Paynsley Pattern. I have no idea of its age. I just really like it. Think I mght look out for a bit more now. It goes well with my chair!!

Today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining and it is warm and it is wafting the scent of these bluebells. As a child we used to play a game in the school playground called In and Out the Bluebell Windows. I did a bit of research into this game. Only in my area of Staffordshire is this game called Bluebell Windows, it is mostly known as Dusty Bluebells. What we used to do was form a circle holding hands high and one person would weave in and out of the bluebell windows and then that person would stop at a random person in the circle and we would sing "pat a little girl upon her shoulders" . She would then join in the weaving in and out until there were no people left and the game would start again until the whistle blew. As you can imagine, the patting upon the shoulders used to get a little vigorous at times especially as the chain got bigger. These games usually have their origins somewhere in history and this one I believe derives from the May Fairings. Anyone looking for a servant or anyone wishing to be hired as a serving girl would go to the May Fairs. The bluebells just so happen to coincide with appearing at the same time. The Hirer would parade up and down the line of hopefuls and when he got to one that he liked the look of she would be patted on the shoulder and they were hired. I am sure it would have extended to boys too.

Hope you are enjoying some sunshine and some stitching where you are.


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Pendle Hill and Pentagons

On Tuesday my friend Marie and I had a fabulous day at Sue Watter's house on a Di Ford Hall workshop. As you know I am a big fan of Di and it was great to see her back and with a new quilt to start.

This is Pendle Hill. My start of it. Never has a day gone by so fast. Great company and a lovely atmosphere.

Once the urn was stitched, time to do a bit of flower arranging. This quilt has a lot of broderie perse and there will be a lot of cutting out in my future.

Part of the quilt has a border of 5/8 inch pentagons fussy cut. Oh my goodness! If you like hexagons then you will love this. I can see this being highly addictive. These three are ready to assemble. I have five completed and another four cut ready.

Today I have been to Cowslip for a weekend of stitching with Di. I have had my head down and worked hard on my applique. Hopefully I shall be able to show you the next stage soon.

This is a small section of Di's quilt. Yet to be finished and will not be revealed until publication of her next book which I am sorry to say will not be out until 2017.  Plenty to keep me going until then.

Just look at those pentagons and that applique. 

I sat opposite a lovely lady today named Jackie who said she followed my blog. I had no idea and had not met her before so, this post is for you Jackie.

Happy Stitching.