Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Viewers Choice

We have a winner. I did not show this quilt from our exhibition as I was saving it for another post but events preceded me. This quilt was made by Janet Kittow and was voted the Viewers Favourite. I hope you will be able to click and see a larger version and the detail. It is a redwork quilt and made for her brothers Ruby Wedding and was also contributed to by her sister. I did mention Janet in a previous post as her work is always so lovely to look at.

Janet sporting her lovely rosette and not wanting her photo taken. I did not take a photo of what she was working on but watch this space as she was doing something equally as delightful in blues. Well done Janet, it was so well deserved.

We were given back the voting slips as people had written comments on them. On one of mine someone had written would I make a quilt with Morris Minors on it?!!!

I have to include this little clip and I apologise for it being slightly out of focus but this was one of the comments left in our visitors book. It has made us so proud. Watch out Tracy Emin, we may not have a famous name but we know how to make a quilt worth seeing!!!

This lovely hexagon quilt in the making is by Pat Sumner and she assures us that it has been on the go for 50 years. I hope to take along my collection at the 50 year mark. Ha! Ha!

Look what landed in my bird bath. I have some wonderful friends who are completely batty but I LOVE THEM. This pink rubber duck came from Sue Lewis for my birthday and is called Darling Duck. Isn't it a bit of fun? Bath time will never be the same again. Thank you Sue.xxx

This calorie free cake is in actual fact a little crochet box and was given to me this afternoon by Ann McLaren. Thank you Ann it is lovely and thank you for thinking of me.

I have been busy making a few more fussy cut hexagon rosettes and the total is now at 10 with 3 more cut out ready to be sewn and I am not quite half way through the fabric. Some of you have asked to see what the fabric looks like that I am cutting up. It is called Flutterby by designer Tula Pink for Moda. It comes in other colourways. Kate asked me how much fabric got wasted in the process. I have to say there is some but, not as much as you think. The fabric is actually quite a clever design and the repeat motif is reversed and so you can get the same shapes out without too much wastage. I like to think that it isn't all going to go in the bin as the doggy cushion is now almost full and it will all have a new purpose.

Happy Stitching



  1. Such a lovely comment on the exhibition, well deserved. Couldn't find that duck in my Book of British Birds - is it an upAnley duck do you think?

  2. Love that duck!!!! Congratulations on such a wonderful exhibition, I am so pleased that visitors acknowledged all the hard work.

  3. Wow Shirley that redwork quilt was impressive. I did get a closer look and I suspect that each little block related to a personal aspect of their lives. Wonderful feedback on the exhibition. I could see from the photos how lovingly the event was put together by you ladies.
    That duck would have been a welcome surprise for you and kept you smiling all day.
    Thanks for the afternoon tea surprise. My turn next!

  4. I love redwork and that quilt is just so beautiful.. Congratulations on such a wonderful great exhibition, love the duck!
    Julia ♥

  5. Oh I do like that pink duck. What a lovely comment it makes all your hard work worth while when you read that.

  6. The winning quilt is wonderful and I really love redwork. I particular enjoy mixing hand stitching with machine work in quilts.
    I have found out what a Dorset button is from Radka on "My Stitching Journey" and will now do some more research in my vast quilting and stitching reference library.

  7. I'm intrigued by the 50 year quilt... is that a UFO or a WIP?!.. isn't it a lovely design?... more ideas for my next hexie quilt!!

  8. Love the crochet cake box! Janets quilt is lovely. You really do need to click on the pic to appreciate all her work!
    Lisa ʚϊɞ

  9. Iagree with the judges choice. very very nice!
    Red work! I love the look, always.
    Birthday girls rule! Love the Boa!
    Happy Birthday Shirley and the perfect cake for those of us who watch our waistlines...

  10. What a fun fun post, love the redwork quilt and I did click on it to admire it. I don't feel so bad at the age of my oldest UFO but that 50 years means a lot of other quilts I bet. That duck could be the start of a collection you know.

  11. I think the right quilt won, (am I allowed to say that?)
    Sorry I missed Tuesday. All work and no play.....
    Love the duck, how like Sue, and as for that gorgeous slice of cake yummy, can you bring it on Weds. See you then