Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Flock of Seagulls

I spy with my little eye.... is that a flock of seagulls? I have now finished all 12 x 9" blocks. All that is left is the 6" blocks x 12. The missing gaps don't look too daunting. I am really enjoying making this little quilt. I prep a few at a time and stitch them when I can. I am waiting for inspiration to hit me in the quilting department. I keep looking at them hoping, but, as of yet, nothing. Have ideas for the borders.

My busy bunch of Apple County quilting friends. From the left Sue, Sarah, Ann, Val, Janet and Wendy. Apologies for not showing everyone but the photo's weren't very good. Will have to do better next time.

This is a closer look at Wendy's beautiful work. I so love this and could just drool over it everytime I see it. Most of the hexagons came from a swap from Inklingo. If you don't know about this revolutionary patchworking invention then you need to check out and it's inventor Linda Franz. It is really clever. those hexagons are quite small but absolutely beautiful. Keep going Wendy. One day it will be done. There are lots of ideas and projects from Linda Franz not just hexagons. I promise you will be amazed, check out the blogs too.

Janet this week has been making the most prettiest little girls dress. The dress even has a matching headband.

I have been updating my beadworking skills. When you haven't done any for a while it gets a bit rusty. I made the beads using peyote stitch and then threaded them onto magic elastic thread. It didn't take too long and I can see myself making a few of these.

This bead was worked using the same technique but with bigger beads. Once the beads are made into a tube bigger beads are added to the outside. My husband said they looked like hedgehogs. This is one of those times when you really do need to pick them up and feel them as they are so tactile. I need to make one more and then I can add some crystal beads and make it into a bracelet. The pattern came from GJBeads in St. Ives. That shop is like being in Aladdins Cave full of glittering treasures just crying out to be taken home. I am getting carried away again.

Happy Stitching

Love Shirley.


  1. Love the seaguls. Reminds me of Monterey Bay, California when I was growing up. :) That Grandmother Flower Garden quilt is just gorgeous!!!! Your beads are pretty also. That must be fun!

  2. You need to be careful - those seagulls will be squawking for a chip soon!

    I love those hexagons. I wish they were mine - but sadly my grandmother's flower garden is languishing in my UFO box.

  3. Your flock of seagulls is looking fantastic! You have all been busy at the Apple County Quilters, wonderful show and tell for us all. Your beadwork looks really interesting and i bet a little bit fiddly to do?

  4. I love more & more your Seagulls quilt, very peaceful.

  5. I really love your seagulls. Those hexagons look gorgeous, maybe I should try o overcome my aversion. Your beading looks great.

  6. Sew many things to do and sew little time. Your seagulls look very well behaved not like the ones that scavenge around here. Would you consider placing just one in the opposite direction?

  7. I am still in love with your seagull quilt. Wendy's hexagons are great I sometimes think I would like to make a hexagon quilt but it soon passes.

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