Friday, 23 April 2010

Growing Robins

Well, our little round robins are coming along nicely. I hope you are keeping up with which block belongs to which person. We drew names as to who gets to do which block and we had a job keeping up with which ones we had done. It was funny though and in the end we came away with a different block to work on.

I had the task of adding to Wendy's little beauty. Inspiration finally struck and I dug into my bag of strips from my Tail Feathers quilt ( of which I am hopelessly behind with) and added the borders.

Yes, I hope you noticed the hexagons in the corners. They are a 1/4" and pieced over paper. That corner block is 2" square. Call me mad but I did enjoy doing them. Taking the papers out after were a bit of a fiddle though and I keep finding the pesky bits in odd places.

Margaret is holding up Pat's block. Kate added the most perfect colour border and did all this before departing for a weeks holiday in the Cape Verde Islands. Kate should have been back on Wednesday as we were celebrating Margaret's birthday but the Icelandic Volcano put paid to that. She did rub it in a bit though and sent a text message that said "stranded in paradise". We said poor soul, (or words to that effect), sent her a message back saying that she was a martyr. Mind you she did say that she wanted to be at sewing. All I can say is all that sun must have fried her brain!!! We missed you Kate.

Next up is Kate's block which we have named the Six Sisters. Margaret added the next round and Wendy took the brave decision to square it off. Always a hard task when you have a hexagon shape. It looks good though and the blue is the right shade.

I love what Rosemary did to Margaret's block. It looks like it has real depth. Pat did the little pastel border round the hexagon in the first round. I have this block for the next round. Right this minute I haven't a clue what to do next. I am waiting for inspiration to strike. It is a secret though so have to keep any ideas to myself

Margaret found the most perfect fabric in her stash to add the next border on Rosemary's block. You somehow know when it calls for something really simple and to let the fabric or colour do the talking and it works really well.

Finally, here is my block. Wendy added the squares and set it on point and Pat added the green border which is lovely. I am liking what has been done to it and can't wait to see what happens in the next round. I hope that I have got all the blocks in the right order of who has worked on which block. Phew!! My brain hurts. It is good fun though and we are on round 4. They are starting to get a bit bigger now and may have to extend the stitching times to allow for the increase in size.

More views of Bradford on Tone. This is looking out of the window of the village hall and over the road to the village pub. The building to the right is the shop.

St. Giles Church from the front.

The doorway to the church.

Happy stitching

Love Shirley.x


  1. Hello Shirley,
    I thought that I would come visit. I love the little round robins. My group of friends did a miniature quilt round robin last year. I still haven't quilted mine. We are supposed to be working on a row by row robin this time, but we all haven't finished out strips. We will get to it eventually. I love your groups. It is always fun to see what other people think of when they do these. Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  2. Your Round Robin quilts are looking fantastic. You girls are so clever and I am enjoying watching the quilt tops grow.

    I love the photos of the town. It looks just like Midsummer Murders scenery! That little church is beautiful and everything is so green and lush.

  3. What a talented and creative group of ladies you are. Looking forward to seeing the results of the next round. Thank you for the new pictures of your town, I love seeing those too.

  4. How amazing! I love how they are all coming together and so very different! Wow, can't wait to see more!
    and thanks for the views! what a lovely town...

  5. Your blocks are growing what a clever bunch you are. Love the snaps of your area it is so lovely lush and green.