Sunday, 2 May 2010

Bedside Reading

This week we had a little discussion at our patchwork group as to what we were going to enter into our forthcoming exhibition at the end of June. As I started my list I got stuck at quilt number one. Surely I must have more than one quilt to show for 3 years work. Like all quilters I have given a few things away as gifts so can't use them. I thought that with a bit of effort I may be able to finish one or two things to bulk out the meagre list.

Remember a much earlier post of my use of selvedge scraps? I have now made all the central blocks.The photo doesn't show all of the blocks. When I first posted this Leanne (The Stitching Room) said that it was a good read, and she is right. It hadn't really occurred to me but they are quite interesting with all the information that these edges contain.

I particularly like this block. The fabric shows apple trees and quite by accident I put next to it a scrap called fresh pickin's.

If you like everything neat and tidy and precise then you won't like doing this, but I have enjoyed the complete freedom of just pulling them out of the box and placing them and top stitching them down. They are ready quilted and waiting for sashing posts.

I did also think that I could tastefully arrange a selection of my UFO's/WIP's in a little corner. I think every stitcher would identify with it.

Klosjes stitched this week 10. Hurrah! Total 91.

I played with this little idea some time ago and I think I am going to go with it. I need a total of 240 blocks. The plain panels call for some hand quilting I think.

I added a little ps a few weeks back and for those of you who wondered what on earth I was talking about, I will explain. I tried not to watch the latest Andrew Lloyd Webber search for his latest West End star. This time he is on the search for a Dorothy for the stage production of Wizard of Oz. Trouble is once you watch one programme you become hooked on it and these young girls are fabulous singers and I am sure that they will have glittering careers in the future. This week my favourite - Danielle gave a stunning performance and it bought tears to my eyes. I like to feel moved by a piece of music and even Lord Andrew was jiggling in his seat with excitement. Hope she goes all the way.

Happy stitching

Love Shirley.


  1. The selvedge quilt is great and the UFO/WIPs idea is definitely a good one.

  2. Shirley your selvages look wonderful. They create a really interesting result and you can't help but start reading through all the pieces. I have started collecting them myself. Have you seen the blog devoted exclusively to selvages? I think those Klosjes would look lovely displayed in a basket beside a vase of flowers? You could do a design wall exhibit with the FWS blocks. I like your idea of displaying UFO's. I can definitely relate. Good luck with the finishes.

  3. Your selvedge quilt looks amazing! I just LOVE it!

  4. Wow Shirley, that's a lot of looks lovely..
    Your Klosjes look lovely too..Look forward to seeing how yours end up..
    Julia ♥

  5. I love your Selvedge quilt, and it is the first one that I see that might actually get me started! I love the 'fresh pickings'!
    I like the idea very much of proudly displaying your UFO's, I am sure people will be charmed.
    Now: OMG!!! What a great idea for your KLOSJES!!! Shirley, it is going to be a Beauty! how exciting!

  6. Ha Ha! I can relate to thinking what quilts you actually have to show for 3 years work! I love your selvedge quilt. What a great reminder of all the wonderful fabrics you have used. Your Klosjes quilt is going to look fantastic in the setting you have chosen.

  7. It's looking good. I tend to keep my selvages but never use them.

  8. Hi Shirley, have just discovered your blog through Janet's(Quiltsalot)link. The selvage blocks look amazing & I love your Klosjes layout plans, it is going to be a beautiful quilt once complete!