Sunday, 4 April 2010

March List Review

Spurred on by the success of February's list I smugly thought that I had cracked it. Piece of cake. Sooooooo, here is a review of what happened in March.

Item no 1 - huggable doll. As you see, I got far. This is an Australian pattern and quite fabulous. You can check out, although I bought this pattern in the uk from the Knitting Parlour. It has an opening in the body which has a cushion inside and a pocket to put a heat pad. A really clever idea. The dolls are gorgeous and there are girls and boys. This however was at the very beginning of the month.

Item no2 - I have prepped the hearts in readiness for the Kim McLean quilt. I haven't yet decided on the background colours. This is going to be one very bright colourful quilt. Don't look if brightness is not your thing.

Items no3/4 - Tail Feathers. Not a dicky bird stitched.

Trick or Treat baskets - 2. Better than none.

Orange Peel blocks - big fat zero.

Apple Cores quilting - nothing doing.

Sandwich Bunny Hill - wake up everyday and think about doing it!!

Life is Beautiful - on hold.

Selvedge blocks - woohoo! 1 dozen.

Beachbirds - have a whole flock of them.

Item no13. Unlucky for some. This one got me into real trouble very early on in the month. I am not totally to blame. It is the fault of the Klosje and Janet at quiltsalott. Preying on the weak willed. I am not alone though. It has sparked an international sew along with these delightful little blocks being eagerly stitched and shown off every week. Progress on these has now reached 70. Phew!!

I am not sure if I am a completely lost cause. Just as well I didn't put April's list out otherwise people might have thought it was the April Fool's joke.

Earlier in the week I bought a huge bag of old hexagons and in the bag was a smaller bag of 1" hexagons. I think these may become a bag. Will show the results at a later date.

The lovely temptresses/ladies at Buttonberry are not blameless too. Here I am not trying very hard to finish Tail Feathers block of the month ( the last one arrived and I am still on block 4) and there was my finger hovering over the click button to start the new block of the month Down in the Garden. As you can see I pressed it. No self control.

Yesterday and today we stayed at our caravan at Blue Anchor. It is so beautiful there. This photo is looking towards Dunster Castle. It is truly magnificent and takes my breath away everytime I see it. It looks like a fairytale castle and is situated in the mediaeval village of Dunster. If you have never been there, do go, honestly, you won't be disappointed. The fields in the foreground are flooded. The rain has been very heavy this week. Click on the photo's for a closer look.

The view has moved a little to the right and you are now looking towards Conygar Tower.

Looking towards Carhampton. All the sheep in the field were playing follow the leader. They were all in a single file following the leader sheep. There must have been over 200 of them.

Happy Stitching

Love Shirley.x


  1. I love that "Down in the Garden" block! It's so pretty! Your hearts are lovely and 70 klosjes!!!

    Looks like a beautiful spot to go camping. Love your photos of the countryside and how hilarious with the sheep.

  2. Love the fussy cut Kaffe Fasset hearts - gorgeous...want to eat the little Down the Garden yumminess and am looking at the Klosjes and thinking about all of the scraps I have that I could are a bad influence.

    By the way, loved the post on Bath - I've always wanted to go there.

    Good luck for April's projects.

  3. All so pretty ! I hope you had a great Easter .

  4. Love the little hearts..they are going to look wonderful.
    Looks like you got some lovely projects on the go.

  5. Looks like you had a good weekend, I have been working, but at least it kept me busy.
    So far in April I have repaired a pair of favourite pj's.
    Am working on our round robin though, hope to finish for Weds.
    The new Bottonberry looks lush!!
    Wendyxx Thanks for the cardxx

  6. At least you will never get the chance to sit down and be bored, with nothing to do.

  7. Totally shamed by the amount you have to show for a month - can't decide which I like best though!

  8. You are too harsh on your self you have done very well for March. It is just the new starts that get in the way. Love the photos especially the patch work fields in the bottom one.

  9. When I read your post, I was heartened to realise I must be normal with lots of things on the go. I think it's all for fun so don't sweat it too much. Good luck with the months goals, I love your hearts!

  10. Love the hearts and your klosjes are growing at a nice pace.