Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Aussie Sunshine and Robins

There have been occasions in my life when I have come across a person who is very special. I met this lady in the virtual sense of the word through blogging and though we have never met we have become well acquainted with each other and enjoy each others company. Today on arriving back from my sewing group there was a parcel waiting for me, covered in Australian stamps. I wasn't expecting anything so it came as a huge surprise and to say the least it bought tears to my eyes.

Inside the lovely fabric wrapped bundle was a ball of sock wool for which my feet are going to be so grateful when I knit them some lovely socks made from my favourite yarn. The dolly bag is beautiful and has my very favourite - hexagons with the prettiest pink lining. The fabric has lovely birds on it and the ric rac is the biggest I have ever seen. Thank you so much Leanne. I am just so touched and over whelmed. The card will stay out forever. I am sorry that my camera hasn't done justice to what I received. I am just so lucky.

Today saw us revealing the next round of the challenge. I can only apologise for the poor quality of the photo's this week. I have had a bit of a mental breakdown in the camera department. I have clicked onto something and can I get it back to how it was? can I heck!!

Remember that I had the challenge of adding to Margaret's original block. Well it has grown considerably. It was a challenge and a half really but I wish that this was staying here with me. My husband who rarely comments on my sewing said that it was one of the more interesting ones!!! It now measures 32.5" square. It was an ambitious addition but had to be done and I am pleased.

Pat with her original block. I want this one too. I am not greedy you understand.

Kate and her six sisters. Have you tried saying that Kate after a glass of wine or two?!!! It is just so soft and pretty. My colours Kate, I think that should come home with me too!!

Can't think who this one is. She usually has a bit of make up on but went out quite nude today. Serves her right. Now, I really can't wait to get my block back because girls it is just yummy.

Wendy, our challenger. It is all her fault. If you have never done this before ladies/gents, have a go. It really exercises the old grey cells. Wendy is itching to get her hands on this. I can see why.

Roemary's block is looking beautiful. Wendy added some pretty machine embroidery to the corners. There are butterflies in the fabric from the last round. I will have this one for the last round. Can't wait to get my itchy little fingers on this.

Finally, Margaret with her mammoth block. I may have to just steal it from you Margaret, be aware at all times!!!

The next two robins are real ones that are nesting just feet away from my kitchen window. They don't seem to mind that I am watching their every move as they flit in and out of the hedge with their tasty morsels for their babies. Again apologies for the poor camera quality but you will get the feel of them.

Happy Stitching

Love Shirley.


  1. You have framed the block beautifully. What a challenge! They all look wonderful and I love how everyone does something different. Everyone looks happy with their blocks and I agree, I would like them all too.
    Your gift was special, what a treat to come home to after such a wonderful day.

  2. All the blocks look wonderful and you did a fantastic job squaring up Margaret's block. How lovely to have the Robins nesting where you can watch them grow.

    What a wonderful present from Leanne! I've made that hexagon bag and I can tell you, she has spent a lot of time sewing it (great bag for your hexies) and you got some of my favourite Rural Jardin fabric in the blue. Aren't the birds beautiful!

  3. The quilts are moving along beautifully. You got some wonderful goodies in your present, I love the hexagon bag.

  4. I just love the way that you have added the black before the outer colour, it makes the whole block so striking. I have been scrolling up and down like crazy to compare the latest round with what went before. It is so interesting.
    What a beautiful and thoughtful gift.
    I am glad that my robins don't appear to be nesting too near. The birds cope with the cat when they are feeding but chicks are a different matter.

  5. Now there is a story behind that parcel. I originally made it because a friend was going to England and I thought I would take advantage of the cheap postage. That parcel got to Kuala Lumpur and spent 5 days there and come back due to the ash cloud. I'm so glad you liked it. Love the Robin with a worn in it's mouth.

  6. What a lovely bag of goodies, Shirley, I know it brightened your day, the hex bag is yummylicios.
    I think this round robin is really good fun, have designed, but not finished the next round.
    Be kind to yourself,and hopefully see you Tuesday.

  7. What a gorgeous gift, Shirley, aren't we lucky to have such wonderful blog-friends?
    I am enjoying seeing your quilts grow! :)

  8. Firstly, I wish I lived nearer to Malvern and I would be there. I could lose a whole day in a fabric shop. Those round robin blocks are amazing. I'm so glad I'm not competitive about quilting or I would look at work like that and just give up. I have to go back through your blog and see the history of some of those blocks. Well I'm not into politics at all but even I have been glued to the telly tonight. What a week! Lynne X