Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Wednesday's Delight's

Girl's are you comfortable? Shall I begin? OK. We are getting very excited now because after today we have one more round left of our robins before we can get our sticky little mitts on them and some of us are being a tad greedy and want them all. Oh, now I know it is not just me that wants them all!!!

First up is my original block and Margaret has added this amazing border which reminds me of my selvedges. Left to my own devices I think my block would have looked very sugary sweet and what you have done girls has added another dimension to it and I LOVE IT. I couldn't see it in person as Margaret had forgotten to bring it!!! Luckily she had a photo of it on her laptop which she had brought along with quilt show photo's. She is forgiven.

Next up is Rosemary's block. Pat added some prairie points and a border of brown in some of Wendy's lovely dyed fabric. It has framed it wonderfully well and now I have it. What shall I do? Hmmmm.

The look of delight on Wendy's face said it all this morning. I can see why. Wendy's quilt block is so simple but just so stunning and I know that she can't wait to get it back. Patience my friend. All good things come to those who wait!!! Well done to Kate.

Wendy added a simple narrow black border and then a shot cotton border to Margaret's quilt and it looks stunning. Oh how I want this one. I am not greedy you understand, well, ok, I am.

This is my offering to Kate's quilt and it has now grown a bit. I decided to turn it on point. I confess to struggling with what to do here and I finished it at the last minute. This was what I intended to do all along but talked myself out of it. I thought that the hexagon would have been at a very odd angle but then realised that it would work as the square would stay the same and the hexagon would still be in the centre. I also thought it needed the tan narrow border. Pat is not too pleased at following on from me. Sorry Pat. I know you will do it proud.

Last, but not least is Pat's block. Rosemary ALWAYS buys the most beautiful fabrics and the purple batik is just so. It looks a sensational quilt Pat and if you can't find a space for it .........

It is getting really challenging now as the quilts have grown considerably. Exciting stuff.

Margaret has been diligently over the months working on this quilt for her daughter. It is a beautiful sampler quilt and enormous. My photography just hasn't done it justice as it was laid out flat over the tables. The blocks were quilted on the go and assembled strip by strip. Wonderful Margaret.

For those of you participating in One Flower Wednesday here is Wendy's temptation for you. You may recall seeing a snippet of it before. It now has another row added and those hexagons are 1/2". Teeny little things using the Inklingo method. It is to die for.

Close up for you.

You made the morning go way too quickly today girls. I had to go to the dentist this afternoon and my mouth is still numb. I am longing for a cup of tea and I am still at the dribbling stage. When I was asked to rinse my mouth I missed my aim and shot it all over myself!! Don't you feel a fool? Or is it just in Shirl's world that this happens. I did say I was clumsy.

Happy Stitching

Love Shirl.


  1. Your blocks all look sensational. I love the last border on yours, it really picks up on those little blocks around the central block. I love them all and please pass on my compliments to the others. The sampler looks wonderful and quilting as you go makes it so much more manageable. The hexies are delightful, what a piece of work! All in all very inspiring, pity about the dentist, but we do what we have to do.

  2. The quilts are looking fantastic. What's so great is that you end up with something other than what you'd choose. The hexes are to die for, oh I feel temptation coming on. I used to do dentistry on kids, it's not just you, lol.

  3. Ha Ha! I am laughing about the Dentist!!!!

    Your quilts look absolutely gorgeous. You are all doing such a wonderful job and it is exciting for me to watch them grow.

  4. It is so fantastic that you will all come away with a quilt top that you would never have designed yourself. Don't worry, you are not alone with embarrassing antics at the dentist.