Sunday, 28 February 2010


This little beauty belongs to Margaret from our Wednesday group Hubble Bubble. (Kate's name for us). Margaret is Kate's sister and the quilt is going to live at Kate's house. Kate and her husband are in the process of turning their home into a quilting retreat. There is a lot of building work going on at present but will be up and running later this year. More details later and Kate herself will soon have a blog up and running. ( Now you have to do it Kate!!).

The quilt is a section of a pattern by Mckenna Ryan. Click on the photo for a bigger shot, the glittery fabrics make it look really wintery. Well done Margaret, I love it.

The final borders are on the Bunny Hill quilt. I think I may hand quilt this or at least some of it.

Now my latest socks are just scrummy. I used a yarn by Wendy called Happy. If you have not tried it then go and buy a ball now. It is a mix of bamboo and nylon, is so soft to knit with and a delight to wear. More than that it launders really well and comes in such lovely shades. I think I have at least 3 more just waiting.

This month's list has seen me working very hard to try and finish it. I managed 11/13 of the items. Some things didn't need very much work while some things have taken a lot of hours and a bit of backache to finish. The charity quilt has its final borders and is ready for sandwiching. I did manage to put together another Tail Feathers block but as of yet haven't finished the embroidery on either of them. Not to worry though. I don't see it as a contest or a failure if something isn't completed but having a list does help me to concentrate on something and more to the point helps me see just what has been achieved. The trouble is there are so many talented people out there making such fabulous things that my mind is working overtime with ideas. Ah well!!
Love Shirl.x


  1. your Bunny Hill quilt... and love the pink socks... :o)))

  2. I am still only on my first sock perhaps when the weather turns cold. Your bunny hill quilt looks lovely. I quilting retreat sounds interesting will you be booking in.

  3. I love those otters. Quilt retreat - what a fantastic idea to have a place set up especially for quilters - just like Elm Creek books. Your Bunny Hill quilt looks so pretty and so do those socks. 11 out of 13 is pretty good in my book! Maybe I need to do a list?

  4. Very beautiful Bunny Hill, love his soft look