Tuesday, 2 March 2010

March's List

After some deliberation and my so called success at "almost" completing February's list I have decided to add a few new projects that I have just been itching to start. Come on, own up, do you feel like me when you want to do something new?, feverish excitement, can't sleep. There. I new I wasn't alone. I know I have lots more to finish and starting something new really shouldn't be high on the agenda but,and a big BUT, I want to. So there! You will notice that the ongoing projects are still there and even if I don't get to finish them this time then, just doing a little will eventually see them finished

1. Huggable doll - knitted
2. Start Kim McLean quilt
3. Tail Feathers
4. Tail Feathers
5. Trick or Treat baskets
6. Orange Peel block
7. Orange Peel block
8. Quilting - Apple Cores
9. Sandwich Bunnyhill quilt
10. Start Life is Beautiful quilt
11. Selvedge blocks
12. Start Beach Birds
13. Anything else I fancy ( should cover it)

I like the idea of item number 13. Stina from Kviltstina adds something similar on her blog by saying anything else she fancies that comes her way. Like your style Stina. If you haven't already checked out her blog then do so, it is lovely.

The first new start is called Beach Birds. It comes from a book that I have had for a long time called Scrap Lap Quilts by Leisure Arts. It is very simple and it appeals to me for that reason. I also have a huge assortment of scraps to use although I did buy the background fabrics for this as it is a shade I don't use often.

There are 3 block sizes, 12", 9" and 6". I have started the 12", my brain tells me that the bigger blocks will look like I have done more than if I had started the smaller ones. I am hand piecing as I just love doing it and love the accuracy, plus I like to just pick up and put down when I want.

I have been to my quilt group this afternoon. We are known as Apple County Quilters and this year is our 10th Anniversary. As we will be having our 4th exhibition in the summer and the theme is apples there are one or two things happening in that line. Somerset is well known for its apples (hence our name). This quilt in progress belongs to Sue Marsh and she has used old varieties of apples grown in Somerset for her inspiration. Well done Sue, it looks great, love the bumble bee and the border.

If you drink too much of the alcoholic version of these apples known as Scrumpy then you will be more than half cut. Be warned! it is extremely potent and there is many a man spent the night sleeping in the hedgerows following a night on the scrumpy.

This little bit is for Ann Mclaren - no Ann I am not sewing all those scraps onto fabric. I think the dogs will like the bed much more!!! Keep saving those bits for me, the dog pillow will soon be full.

Love Shirl.x


  1. Lovely Quilts, Shirley! I was especially taken by your birdies! Oh, they are so very cute. Being an island girl myself I have a particular weakness for Coastal/ nautical themes... I will keep an eye out for your progress on them. And your list is a fabulous idea. I should think about making one, myself, hummmm...

  2. Love your birds Shirley. Your list is quite long but I'm sure you will have a good go at it. That apple quilt is great. Love the half eaten apple.

  3. Another impressive list. I do like those birds though.

  4. Hi Shirley, I know Jo down at Cowslip workshops would love this apple quilt. She loves applique and did have a lovely quilt about their farm with apples and animals on it.