Tuesday, 2 February 2010

February's List

Well, we are already into the second day of February so I thought I would let you in on this month's list. Firstly, I have to remind myself that I am way too ambitious on what I think I can achieve and what I actually do achieve and secondly, there are fewer days in this month. So here goes.

1. Outer border on Bunny Hill quilt.- done
2. Socks of the month.- done
3. Orange Peel block.- done
4. Orange Peel segments x6 - done
5. Hat for Jo.- done
6. Tail Feathers Block.- nearly there
7. Tail Feathers block.- nearly there
8. Apple Cores quilting.- done
9. Chicken Jacket.- done
10. Chicken Jacket.- done
11. Selvedges blocks.- done
12. Cold Wind baskets.- done
13. Apple Quilters Charity Quilt/ assemble top.- done

I should call that a stitcher's dozen, plus one for good measure. Some things need a lot of work, some need very little. I will try hard this month to finish it and not get distracted and start something new. Sew many things, Sew little time should be my motto. I am hopelessly addicted to anything remotely to do with sewing. Could be worse - could be sex, drugs, chocolate. Well. one out of three aint bad.

I have started item number 5 which is a hat for my daughter's friend Jo. She has lost all her hair to chemotherapy and I saw this pattern on a web site called Head Huggers. They have some great patterns for hats specially designed for people with cancer and they are all freely given. The yarn is Rowan Calmer and it is really soft and slightly stretchy so will accommodate hair/ no hair/ head with a bandage etc. I am knitting it on four needles and as it is a cable design it is certainly a challenge. I have staying power though. I think this pattern was originally from an American knitting magazine.

I am not letting you in on the chicken jackets. You will have to wait and see. I roared with laughing when I saw what my friend Julie was making. You eagle eyed friend's will also notice that several items on the list are from January's list. I know, a hopeless case. I try, but what can I do when I see such fabulous work everywhere and I want to do it all?

Keep Stitching.

Love Shirl.x


  1. Wow that is some list. I hope Jo endures her chemo it is not a nice place to be and that the hat is soft and snuggly to wear. It certainly looks wonderful and very hard to knit. I am still on my first sock. Is the chicken jacket for you??????

  2. Hi Shirley,
    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging; you're going to love it. (Though it has been known to interfere a bit with actual crafting.) 8) All your projects look lovely! And if you like recycled lists, you should check out the one I resurrected on my blog last night. It's a keeper. ;)

    Happy blogging,

  3. That's beautiful yarn you are knitting with. I am looking forward to seeing your projects as you tick them off your list.

  4. Hi Shirley. Welcome to blogging. I am new to it too and am loving it. I have just discovered you via Leanne (the stitching room). Your work is beautiful and I will look forward to watching you cross those items off your list.

  5. knitty.com is a free online knitting magazine with a good variety of patterns, techniques, and the latest in tools and other goodies for knitters.