Sunday, 7 February 2010

This Quilter's Journey

I have finished the chemo hat for Jo. It is beautiful and so soft and stretchy but boy, oh boy was it a challenge. Not difficult, but requiring all my powers of concentration and very fiddly done on four needles. Thank you to Anonymous who left me a comment saying that is actually an on-line knitting magazine. There is all sorts of help and information on there as well as patterns. The hat pattern came from there originally although I found it at Head Huggers.

I have been reading my Quilter's Newsletter magazine and one of the articles is called " As A Quilter... Reflecting on the Journey". It is asking the quilter to reflect on his/her quilting journey, comparing the journey of where they started and what kind of quilts they make now. One of the questions it asked was " My favourite quilt I've made is... because..."

This is my favourite quilt I've made.

I finished this little quilt recently but it was one that I started very early on in my quilting life. It began as a very ambitious, large bed quilt and like many hexagon quilts quickly got abandoned. The thought of piecing all those small shapes over paper. Over the years it has had many reprieves as I decided to throw it out on many occasions, only to rescue it and put it back in the cupboard. I even put all the fabrics in the scrap box thinking that I would probably never use them. One day I said to myself get a grip, with a bit of effort you can finish this, it doesn't have to be a large quilt. The original pattern came from a Mimi Dietrich book and was intended to be a small cot quilt with a border that looked like a picket fence. I think I had made roughly half of the quilt. On searching through the scrap box I managed to find most of the original fabrics to finish it off, adding just a few that are more recent. I am pleased with it because I still love the floral fabrics that I used and because I love hexagon quilts. I would use different green fabrics now as they blend in too well with the rosettes. On reflection, I think I have come full circle with my fabrics. Over the years I have had a love affair with every trend going and indeed still have many of them in my stash. From brights, to bali's, japanese and now back to soft, pretty fabrics. I loved pink then and still love pink. I hand quilted the border. It isn't perfect but is at the very least finished and I am so pleased that I didn't throw it out. I thought I might call it "Out of a Dark Place".!!!

Love Shirl.x


  1. The hat is stunning! What a beautiful pattern through it. I love your little hexagon quilt! So glad you didn't throw it out. The quilting in the border looks great too. I love hexagon quilts too.

  2. I have often toyed with the idea of a hexagon quilt. I like the process of it but then like you I think it would take such a long time. Well done on the finish. Love the hat my best friend has just gone through chemo and hated her wig she tended to wear scarfs.