Wednesday, 3 February 2010


I just love these little snowdrops and really look forward to them emerging in the winter. The ground has been so frozen that it amazes me how they ever manage to push their way through the solid earth. When everywhere is dreary they bring me hope that soon better weather will be on the way.

Love Shirl.x


  1. Lovely flowers. It's still way too cold here in Texas for the flowers to be thinking about blooming. But actually, I'm still waiting for the chicken jackets. lol I'm trying to decide if they are jackets with chickens on them or jackets for chickens or some third thing. 8)

    Happy crafting,
    Susan in Texas

  2. So here I was, just blogging around and found you! And there above me is Susan, she found you too!
    What a lovely little blog you have...I love it and your photos are sweet. Flowers in the garden in February...wonderful

  3. It has happened to me as well! I was just blogging around tonight and found your blog. I am so happy that I did! I love your blog and all the things that you have been making I will visit often!

  4. The snowdrops are so pretty. I'm like that with the daffodils I have. When I see the shoots popping up I think its' not long now till spring arrives. Mine don't have to poke through snow and ice though!

  5. Believe it or not I have some of those in my garden. They come up every year but mine have no muscles as they don't have to battle the snow/ice to come up.

  6. Love the snowdrops, mine are just the same size and are a sure sign spring is on it's way.
    First time visiting your blog, I will call again.