Sunday, 31 January 2010

Basket Blocks

I have revised my plans for The Trick or Treat quilt from When The Cold Wind Blows book. It is quite a daunting propostion to make 300 basket blocks and I have decided to do my own version using less blocks. It will still be a large quilt and I think definitely more manageable. My aim is still to use what I have hidden in my stash.

This evening I have prepped a few ready to stitch. I hope that isn't cheating to cross it off my list as done as I didn't actually finish any of the blocks. At least now I have a plan. Apologies for the photo's, they aren't very clear. I did try. Honest.

I have managed to finish 8 items from my list. That means around 67%. Not bad, I did think it would be a minor miracle to do even half of it, so that is a little better.

I have also finished a litle cardigan for baby Evie. Now this bit of knitting has given me a headache. I started off knitting one pattern and trying to be clever made a huge booboo. I hate sewing up knitting and so decided to add the front button border into the knitting as I was doing the whole thing up to the armholes. WRONG. I was only doing the back and I had incorporated the front bands. I didn't have the heart to start again with the same pattern so found another one. I unpicked it many times trying to get it right, making silly mistakes and just not being neat. At last it is done. I am sure Evie will like it.

Love Shirl.x


  1. Love this little cardi, aren't you clever!
    It's nice having babies to knit for, everything is so small LOL

  2. Your showing off those organisational skills again. If it was me I would blindly make a few and then throw them all together. That is the cutest cardigan I have seen in a while I love it. Lucky Evie I also love that name.

  3. your basket quilt will be wonderful when its done, I am making it too and took a few liberties with the pattern as well! I am not in a hurry for it to be finished , I have enjoyed making the baskets over time.
    the little sweater is adorable and I be Evie and her Mom are going to love it!

  4. I too make the little baskets quilt, my own version too...yours will certainly be beautiful when done.

  5. Hi!
    Sorry to bother you but I wanted to ask if you would be so kind to send me the pattern of the baskets you are doing.
    They are very nice but I can not for financial reasons to buy the book.
    I would be immensely grateful and would send me to have patterns.