Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Then There Were Nine

Stina's hearts now total nine and enough to sew into a 12" square. My granddaughter Maisie says her babies need quilts so this is what this one will become. She has lots of babies so I see a lot of little quilts in my future.

You can find the instructions at Stina's blog www.kviltstina.com


As a bonus there are leftovers and I shall reserve these for a future project. There should be nine but Maisie has hidden one somewhere good.


It snowed during the night and this is the view this morning. The most snow we have had in this neck of the woods all winter. More of a dusting I would say.


I have had a lovely new phone to play with and my daughter found me this pretty cover.

Happy Stitching.



  1. Your doll quilt will be beautiful Shirley ! Thank you for the Stina's blog link...Very cute cover for your cell phone ! PINK...it's you ! :)

  2. What a sweet little quilt for one of Maisie's babies. Thanks for sharing the pattern source. I have a little gift to make and it will be perfect.

  3. Those little hearts are so sweet. Perfect for beloved dollies. We are still hot and sweaty here.

  4. The hearts are lovely Shirley - what a sweet doll's quilt they will make! The dusting of snow looks very pretty - did it hang around for long?I love your phone cover - my phone is VERY old - I don't think they make covers for anything of my one's vintage!

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  6. Beautiful little hearts. Maisie will enjoy keeping her babies warm with this little quilt and a little part of you beside her as well.

  7. I think Maisie's babies are very lucky!

  8. What a pretty start to Maisie's baby quilt collection.
    Such lovely hearts.
    Very pretty phone cover too!

  9. What a sweet little quilt for one of Maisie's babies. Thanks for sharing the pattern source.
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