Sunday, 23 April 2017

Soul Sisters

Please excuse my poor attempt at regular blogging. Not sure that I have a suitable reason but the intention is always there and if you are still with me thank you for reading.

Back in February I received this lovely parcel from Sweden and there is no better reason than to wish somebody Happy Everything.


Inside was the most prettiest quilt in my beloved pinks and made by my wonderful friend Stina.

You can read more about it on her blog. Apologies here as I cannot get the link to work but if you google the address it will come up. Grrr!

I absolutely love it. The pattern is Soul Sisters by Cheri Payne Saffiote and we are indeed Soul Sisters.


Found a place to hang it too on my red hallway wall. Think it looks perfect there.


Daughter no.1 surprised me with this beautiful bouquet of tulips for Mothers Day back in March.


We went for a day out recently to North Devon and found ourselves wandering to the village of Clovelly. You need to pay to get in and it is not for the feint hearted. It is steep and cobbled but so worth the effort. It is so pretty. No cars. Everything gets transported up and down by pulling on crates


Happy Stitching




  1. what a beautiful gift from Stina, it goes perfectly on your red wall.
    lovely flowers from your daughter, such a pretty jug to display them in and a gorgeous hanging behind them too.
    Have you caught my blogging bug? lol

  2. So gorgeous! Lucky girl! I have a few Aussie friends who have visited Clovelly. Looks so quaint...treacherous looking hill!

  3. What a beautiful present from your friend and the flowers are wonderful !!
    This village is typical and pretty !

  4. Lovely to see your post Shirley - what a beautiful gift from Stina - it looks perfect there on your red wall! Love the tulips too and also the visit to Clovelly looks interesting...what a special place!

  5. I think I have your same blogging problem, Shirley, except that you still have lovely things to show! I love your red wall--the quilt looks great there. A very special gift!

  6. Hi Shirley,love your new quilt the colours are so pretty and how beautiful are those flowers.x

  7. A beautiful surprise from Stina, tailor made just for you. Love the little heart quilt too.
    Always enjoy your posts when ever they appear.

  8. So gorgeous! Lucky girl! I have a few Aussie friends who have visited Clovelly.
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