Friday, 10 February 2017

Last Day

Day 5
Our last day was a relaxed affair. I chose to carry on and make progress on my little pink number.  It was a mammoth feat to stitch around all of those curves on the oval but at last they were done and we could płay with the centre.

Several fabrics were auditioned from my stash but this one sang out to me. I had the perfect fabric to fussy cut the side bits to the vase and to make the base by adding two fabrics together. A mix of traditional and modern but they work. It was fun cutting out flowers. Now it is taking shape.

I had a lesson on making bias stems Marg style. I have never come across this way before but it was so quick and easy and therapeutic. Think I could have sat making these all afternoon. They are wonderfully soft and stretchy and no burnt fingers in the process.


My friend Anne who had also been on all four days had been working on this quilt and got stuck on how to finish it.  Marg gave advise and by the end of the week it looked fabulous. I will need Anne's permission to show you the whole thing but those parrots are from an amazing piece of fabric.

 I think you can tell by our faces that we had a great time.

Marg is a legend and has agreed to come back next year. I do hope so and I hope there will be something to show her in the way of progress. I hope you will come and join us next time.

I was so reluctant to leave this lovely atmosphere but I had to brave the journey home as Storm Doris was  raging.

Happy Stitching.



  1. Time and money very well spent. You have done a heap of work and it all looks wonderful. Did the workshop help you with your fabric choice decisions?
    After I read your posts and see your IG I keep dragging out the book for further reading.

  2. wow Shirley such beautiful work.

  3. I love your fabrics, your work and I can't wait to admire your top !
    Congratulations to your friend Anne who has done a beautiful work too....
    No doubt it was a wonderful moment with Marg !

  4. Your centre looks fantastic. I love your choices of fabric. Your friends work looks beautiful x

  5. Beautiful progress on pink!
    Love those parrots too
    What clever ladies

  6. 5 days of inspiration. wow!

  7. Loved all the posts on this workshop and your projects are great. It is always good to be inspired and your boundaries stretched with fabric choices. Looking forward to the progress on these projects. Take care

  8. Such a treat to be in on one of Marg's workshops - I wish! Your work is just beautiful, as is the work of your friend.

  9. It seems like such a fabulous week - it's amazing how much work you got done... your fabric choices for the pink seem perfect!! And wow to see Anne's progress as well - you ladies are going to have such stunning quilts. Hope Doris didn't give you too much trouble on the way home.

  10. What wonderful time you had and you achieved so much! Looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

  11. Wow -- how lucky to be able to attend a workshop with MSG! Your project looks like it's going to be wonderful!

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