Wednesday, 8 February 2017

No Pink.

Day 3

I decided that today I would have a change and make a start on Spring Fever. I really love this design. I chose the grey background as my starting point and marked the sections. The square is 22".

I bought the liberty print fabric last year and love it and think it looks great as the hare. Lots of colours to bring out in it. Definitely no pink in this one. More coral and oranges.

The squirrel fabric is one that was sent to me by my friend Sue-Anne in Australia. Think I could go into business selling this fabric as everyone wanted it. All will be revealed when it is stitched down.


Back to some pink. I took along this golden oldie to show Marg. This is from her version of Not The Levens Hall quilt. I put it away after not being able to decide where to go after this section was made. Marg spotted the stripe fabric in my box and cut out a few hexagons to try. I kind of like it and it brightens it up. Have cut a few more out and that is for another day to show and tell.


One more day to go.

Happy Stitching.



  1. No pink? Well that must be a first for you ;)!!! Love where you are going with Spring Fever! I love it when someone choses a fabric for me for some project or other, something I would never have chosen myself, but it totally works.

  2. Spring Fever looks like it will be another lovely piece - is it a class project too? Always interesting to have someone look at our work with fresh eyes, who sees possibilities we hadn't thought of! Happy stitching!

  3. Your class seems to have opened up new ideas for you. That's what makes an exceptional class.

  4. Great start to your spring fever, love the grey background.
    Of course i love your hexies and those stripey ones do frame them well.
    Hope well see them again soon.

  5. I love your appliqué blocks Shirley ! And your hexies in pink ! are sooo romantic !

  6. Love the beginnings of Spring Fever. Funny how fabric bought long ago finds a place in the present. It's like we buy it for a specific purpose but we don't know what it is yet! Those new hexies do give that little bit of magic.

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