Tuesday, 15 November 2011

There was a little girl.......

Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead,
When she was good,she was very, very good,
But when she was bad, she was horrid.

This is Violet. Violet is the leader of the troupe. Woe betide those girls if they step out of line. She likes things to be just so and expects things to be done her way. Or else!!

There must be something in the name Violet that means trouble. I am thinking of Violet who will thkweam and thkweam until she is sick and also the bubblegum blowing Violet in Willy Wonka who liked her own way.

The four patch blocks for the border are done. This quilt is just full of bright and happy colours that say FUN.

The ripple blanket is growing. I am enjoying making this. The only colour I don't like is the grey. In real life it is an oatmeal colour but against the lavenders it looks grey. Maybe against a different colour it will be more true.

It always amazes me just how colours behave when set against each other and how different they can look. My personal preferences are for the strong but pretty shades of pinks and lavenders. You may have noticed. Sometimes though it is good to challenge yourself and try other colours. I would find it hard to work with sludgy, sombre shades. What shades could you not work with?

One of my favourite plants are Heuchera's. I love them for their colours and because the leaves are just so interesting. The flowers are fairly unassuming.

Happy Stitching.

Love Shirley.


  1. Violet is just beautiful I love here. I am fairly confident I would never make a black and white quilt. I don't know Heuchera I don't think it is something we see here.

  2. violet and the girls from 'dancing dollies' are coming along nicely shirley, all the colours look really lovely together.
    i am not fond of the deep tones of purple or burgandy or the brownish reds, in fact nothing dark and somber.

  3. Another thing in common SS Heucheras - humble but very useful and good in a vase!

    The dolls are joining up in their ring I hope and getting on under the eye of Violet!

    Am loving more colours now - just need the right combination I think!

  4. She's a pretty little girl, even if she can be horrid. It's definitely going to be a fun quilt.
    I'm not familiar with Heucheras either. I love their look. I just did a Google search and they're gorgeous! Colorful, bold, varied. If they work in our growing zone, I may have to suggest them to the head gardener in our house (it's not me).

  5. Violet is gorgeous and apparently also has spunk. I love the flower in her hair. Can't wait to see the rest of the troupe.

  6. Violet is fantastic!! Looks far too innocent to be horrid! :)
    Colours... I tend to find it hard to say colours that I couldn't work with these days. I have colours that I don't like but then I can see something with those colours in and think wow that looks amazing! So I am trying to learn to keep an open mind... I don't always succeed though! :)

  7. Your Violet is really charming, can't wait to see the next things. XO

  8. You are working with such bright and happy colours. I thing that you are giving Violet a bad name! She looks full of happiness and smiles.

  9. Young Violet has the most lovely outfit on, she's wonderful and so are your colours for this project.
    I love the grey in the ripple blanket actually, not all the colours can be stars, some have a supporting role, lol.
    Love the shape and colours of the leaves,

  10. These colours have really cheered me up on a gloomy day, just as violets do with their beautiful colours and pretty faces. Wonder if they are, like your Violet, the trouble of the flower world! You are getting on really well with the blanket, I like the grey too.

  11. I love Violet and this is going to be a very cute quilt and the colour selection is great. I like your ripple blanket and I think the colours work well together. Sometimes we just get to close to what we are working on to see how stunning it all is. Take care.

  12. Love your ripple blanket... :o)
    Made a ripple pillow at work.. in black, beige and red.. and oh my it was boooring..:O))

  13. My grandma was called Violet, and I am told in her younger years she was quite naughty! Not seeing the machine quilting!

  14. Violet is so pretty! I love the flowers in her hair. Your crocheting looks great and Im impressed with your free motion quilting from the previous post. Well done!

  15. Heh Shirley, I keep waiting for the hexie quilt photo, showing the masterpiece that took so much time///I love this little girl...used to be me!

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