Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Autumn Inspirations

Today I managed to get my act together and sit and do a little bit of free motion quilting. It is not my thing and this quilt will never win any awards but, somehow the process has grown on me. Nothing has been marked or drawn and it is done totally by a huge leap of faith that it will turn out ok. There are many wobbly bits but a blind man would be pleased to see it and I will learn with practice. Hopefully then a few more quilts will get finished. Apologies to Debby and Joan who will have to wait a bit longer to hang it up in the shop.

The ripple blanket has grown a little bit and is now less christmassy looking. I am thoroughly enjoying making this. It looks more autumnal now. There are more greens and pinks to add and then I may mix all the shades up again or even add a few more to the mix.

This is my inspiration for the colour scheme and this large cross stitch picture hangs on my wall.

I am not too fond of the yellows and golds that abound in the Autumn but this is the colour in my garden.

Michaelmas Daisies by the wall. In past years they have given a wondeful display but this year there are literally a handful of flowers. Love the colour though.

Japanese Maple - Bloodgood, hanging on in there and the colour is amazing. A sharp frost and the leaves will be gone.

I don't know what these berries are. They are in my neighbour's garden and hang over my fence. At the first sign of snow they are invaded by Fieldfare and they strip the tree bare. They must be so delicious or the birds may just be so hungry. In the Spring this tree has the most prettiest apricot coloured blossom. The berries are about an inch wide.

Sedum - I love them when they turn this deep burgundy. Amazing to have all this colour still now that we are into November.

The Dancing Dollies are busy practising ready to make their first public appearances. They are not quite up to it yet. Patience.

Happy Stitching.



  1. Well done with the free motion quilting and you are right you just have to get in and do it. Love the colour scheme for the ripple blanket and did you make the beautiful cross stitch picture. Take care

  2. We could really do with that quilt in the shop to liven the place up a bit Shirley, so are looking forward to seeing it finished! Can`t wait to see the next instalement of the dancing dollies.

  3. Great FMQing!! It all looks pretty fab to me.

    It's funny, I do do the golds and rich red/browns of Autumn but I struggle with the pinks of the daisy. Mind you seeing the lovely things you produce using it, including the quilt at the top, I could be persuaded!!

    Yes, Autumn has to be the most delicious time of year for colours and flavours.

  4. Lovely photos Shirley - it is a great time of the year to get the camera out. Great free motion quilting - I think I need to be brave like you and just DO it!!! I am so tempted to pull out a crochet hook - the ripple blanket is gorgeous... and I too am looking forward to seeing your dancing dollies - I think of it every time I watch Downton Abbey!!

  5. You have lots of great colour in your garden! And your FMQ looks great to me!

  6. You did well with the FMQ Shirley...I would love to be able to do feathers.. just can't seem to get the right stitch length and give up before I make a right mess of it..
    Ripple blanket looks great..
    Julia ♥

  7. Your quilting looks pretty good from where I am sitting.i have arrrived in Houston. My goodness every thing is big in Texas.

    Hope all is well with you . You seem to be doing lots so that's a good thing.

  8. I think you are doing pretty well with your FMQ! Don't forget, practice makes perfect (or something like that). Love your Autumn pictures; I miss that a lot here. First I thought your berries were rose hip, but after a second look, I don't think so anymore.

  9. The FMQ is good Shirley and really enhances the quilt. I love the way that the blanket is shaping up too. Wish my sedums looked that good, must give them the Chelsea Chop next year.

  10. Your quilting looks great Shirley. I think it is very addictive and it takes lots and lots of practice. And very creative too. Good on you for giving it a go.

  11. Such a lot of beauty in this post. Free motion gets easier with ever y stitch. I have been missing in action of late.

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