Monday, 21 November 2011

Drum Roll, Please!

It has been a long time coming but, at last, the Little New York Beauty quilt is FINISHED. Now that I can stand back and look at it I can say that I am pleased. It languished in a cupboard for such a long time simply because I didn't have the courage to continue the machine quilting that had been started way back when...
It is never going to win any awards but I have learnt a thing or two and that is I CAN machine quilt - maybe not expertly, AND, that you just have to relax those shoulders and just do it. Because of all the dense quilting in the middle the border looked so wavy that I wondered how I would ever get it to lie flat. Luckily for me that Anne Baxter came to my rescue and gave me some sound advice - put the binding on first a little tight and then quilt narrow straight lines framing all around the border. I also gave it a shot of steam on the back when it was done. It worked a treat. Thank you Anne.

Anyone wishing to see it in the flesh will have to go to Dotty Dolly to see it hanging up. Don't look too close though.

I woke up the other morning with this idea in my head that just wouldn't go away and so had to commit it to paper and then fabric. So far, so good. It is all ready for some hand quilting. I have just drawn all the feathers straight onto the fabric freehand so I hope this works and doesn't look a ridiculous mess when it is finished.
I have noticed that there are a few plain fabric projects creeping in and I just have to stick my neck out here and say watch this space as I predict that it is going to be a big trend. This is my contribution to the new trend. The star is made of shot cotton for a bit of sparkle and shimmer.

On Saturday my husband said that he would take me down to Cowslip if I wanted to go. Didn't need asking twice I can tell you. Jo and her hardworking team were holding their Christmas Fayre. It was such a lovely day there, the sun was out, the food in the Cafe as good as ever and lots of stalls to tempt you to part with your money. The added bonus was lots of Christmas themed quilts dotted around the place to sigh over.

This purchase had to come home with me. I loved its shape and can imagine it filled with sherry and sat on a tray with some yummy mince pies when my family come over.

Now this bit was really exciting and I almost missed it.(I apologise here as silly me forgot to take her camera but if you want to see what it was like at Cowslip you will have to wait for the Christmas Special as Kirstie Allsop was there on Friday filming for her show). Jo had Petra Prins from Den Haag and Wagenmakers and also Mary Koval staying there and both with lovely stands. Of course I had to indulge, it would have been rude of me not to, these came home with me. I would have loved more time to see Mary's beautiful antique wares.

Also indulged in the shop too. Added a few greens to the stash plus a few more brights and some hand quilting thread.

It was a super day and it always fills you with a good sense of wellbeing after a visit there. Just as well it isn't on my doorstep though as my purse wouldn't stand the strain. Well done though Jo, hope to see you again, soon.

Happy Stitching

Love Shirley.


  1. Lovely things you have bought and obviously you enjoyed yourself ! Love the star! It will be a feathered star I presume once the quilting is done and fantastic work on your finish Shirley! Great job - now you just need to get started on another one!

  2. Oh my, your quilt is so nice.
    And it is PINK !
    Love the jug too.
    Oh, and those fabrics WOW.
    They are just my cup of tea. lol.

  3. wow,great post much happening at your place, love the jug. Great work on the quiting!

  4. Wow that quilt is amazing! Definitely deserves a drum roll!! Love the design and the colours!
    Great star and it looks like you had fun in cowslip!

  5. WOW I love pink and I absolutely love this quit. Congrats Shirley !

  6. Take a big bow Shirley you have certainly excelled yourself. The New York Beauty is certainly a beauty and must look stunning hanging at Dotty Dolly. Your star quilt is spectacular and will look lovely with the quilted feathers. I am glad you had such a fun day at Cowslip - it is definitely on my "must go there" list. Take care.

  7. I LOVE your New York Beauty! So pretty!

  8. Just love your Little New York Beauty quilt. I have used that trick of adding the binding before quilting the borders before too and it does work a treat.

  9. Woohoo, your new York Beauty is a beauty and very inspiring. Good on you with quilting it yourself too :-) I'll have to remember that wavy edge/binding trick for when I have quilts that get to that stage! I look forward to seeing your fun quilted star progress - a neat idea. Love your purchases - what a nice husband to offer to take you out for the day.

  10. We`ve had lots of comments about the New York Beauty quilt - all good! Glad you enjoyed yourself at Cowslip, we`ve had a few people in the shop who went, and they all had a great time.

  11. Ik like the fresh colours of your New York Beauty Quilt!

    Greetz from Holland

  12. Your New York Beauty is indeed a beauty. Well done! How "little" is it? I'm assuming it's done with paper piecing? Thanks for the tip on how to make the border lie flat. And your pink/orange star is fabulous and the feather quilting will make it even more perfect. It seems you had a perfect day on Saturday and you did well shopping wise ;).

  13. Your New York Beauty is gorgeous Shirley, well done! I love your star quilt - the colours look so pretty.
    i can understand why that jug and fabrics had to come home with you.

  14. Well done for finishing it Shirley. Machine quilting is no different to hand quilting in that you just need to keep with it. I like the plains that you are working with. Lovely purchases from Cowslip and are we going to see you as well as Kirsty???

  15. Your New York beauty looks wonderful, congratulations on the finish. Just keep practising that FMQ. I am keen to try some feathers too but I might have to wait for the holidays. Your day out to Cowslip sounds perfect, how thoughtful of Mick to suggest it. Did you throw out any hints?

  16. WOOOHOOO!!!
    It is WONDERFUL Shirley.. what a PINK BEAUTY!!!!! Love it!!!!! :O)
    Cowslip sounds like a magical place to be visiting... I know I would love it!! :O) Lovely shopping!! NICE DONE .. :O) Happy first Advent...Hugs!