Sunday, 18 July 2010

What quilt are you?

Karen Griska at The Quilters Muse blog is running a competition for anyone interested and wants to join in. She asks "If you were a quilt - what would you be?" You have to make the quilt and send her a photo, you can check out the details at her site. I have given this some thought as to what I would look like if I was a quilt.

I would be one of those quilts that is warm and cuddly, has a bit of pink,is fun, bulges a bit in the middle and has threads dangling off it somewhere. Something practical but pleasing to look at. Now in my minds eye, what do I wish I was? Ahh!! I would be perfect, of course. A wholecloth,made of silk, beautifully handquilted, beaded with crystals and a showstopper. Hmmm! I think this quilt was made by Sandie Lush and well deserved its prize and I can only dream of being it or even making it and owning it. The photo is a section I took myself at The Festival of Quilts a few years back and it doesn't do it justice. I hope that by clicking on the picture you will see what I mean. The quilt is called Crystal Dreams.

You can see what I am at so much better. Sandie is my heroine. I love her work.

What I want to know is What quilt are you?

OK. I have reached the end of the metre of fabric and have managed to make 25 flowers. It wasn't easy I can tell you. There is a teensy bit left but I think I did exhaust all possibilities. There are 3 more flowers to finish off and then I can assemble them all. The format will be simple to show off the individual flowers. For the background I am using a piece of Wendys hand dyed fabric. It is maybe a bit contraversial as it is quite a dark colour but to me it said yes.

This flower is my favourite.

A close up of what it will look like with Wendy's fabric.

Progress report on the clamshells - a section 15" square. I like the effect of this.

Happy Stitching.

Love Shirley.x


  1. Good morning Shirley,a little while ago i clicked on your blog and have been following your progress with the clamshells and the flowers ,they are beautiful and i really like the background that you chose ,i have been quilting for a few years and was lucky to attend a quilting course with Sandy Lush who is not only talented but funny and a good teacher ,for me it was the best course i ever took part in .Thank you for sharing your work .

  2. I think your dark fabric balances that strong pink in the centres of the hexagons. Your clamshells are sweet and gentle.
    And me as a quilt, a scrap quilt - bits and pieces all over the place, but looks good from a distance.

  3. I'm going over for a look soon. If I were a quilt I'd be a worn but much loved one I hope. It'd have to be red too. lol. Love the progress on your hexes, quite stunning and the clamshells are coming along beautifully.

  4. Without doubt I would be the scruffy one that ended up being slept on by the cats and dogs, complete with bits coming apart. I was lucky enough to hear Sandie speak a couple of months back, and to fondle her quilts.
    I don't think the background fabric looks too dark, in fact the way that the colour picks up the same colour in the flowers really sets it off. Looking gorgeous.

  5. I think I'm in LOVE with your hexagons. It's looking so beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. Cheers

  6. I absolutely love the effect of the hexagons with your chosen background fabric and your clamshells are a delight - you have been a busy girl!
    If I dream about being a quilt I would want to be a mixture of applique and pieced blocks with lots of fabrics of similar colour value in contrasting tones. Now the dream part comes as I would be beautifully and expertly quilted.

  7. I am loving the comments on yourselves as a quilt - keep them coming.
    Love Shirley.

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hexies flowers and the background is terrific!
    And the soft clamshells promise to be a wonderful quilt. Have a lovely week.

  9. If I were a quilt, I would be a hand dyed quilt very large and blurry around the edges.
    I would wrap everyone I love in me and keep them safe and warm.
    Love the hexes.
    Have bought 2 more machines, I am an addict, I need help......

  10. its amazing what you have done with your fuzzy-cut hexies, don't they look great.If I were I quilt I would hope to be a finished one!! (not waiting in line like many of my projects!!)

  11. Hexie background fabric an inspired choice, clamshells looking great. The quilt you are is undoubtedly correct, the quilt I am today is the one at the bottom of the heap of stuff that has been turned out of the upstairs cupboard. But then again I just might be a blue and white classic traditional with lots of quilting - can we be different quilts on different days?

  12. I think the darker faric is perfect for your flowers - it shows them off beautifully. Your clamshells are looking fantastic Shirley!

  13. Hexagons look fantastic and the background looks good to me.

    If I were a Quilt I would be a scrap washed and worn one that has been loved and used by the family to comfort them.

    But for high days and holidays pherhaps an exquisite Broderie Perse.

  14. I am sitting here ooohhhing and aaahing over your hexies and perfect background, and studying your clamshells (more oooh-ing) and thinking really hard: If I was a quilt...
    and my mom in law walks in with this huge package!
    Thank you, you are the best...
    I am overwhelmed.

    if i was a quilt I'd be a friendship quilt: pieces from here and there brought together, sometimes matching mostly not, but with a story to tell and very much loved...

  15. Love your hexie flowers!~WOW~ You are so talented!
    Oh, I'd be a TOILE quilt!!! :)
    LOTS of toiles!!! Medallion style. English/French COUNTRY looking...
    Hey, kinda like what I'm trying to finish up now! lol

  16. I am in love with your hexagons they look fantastic.