Saturday, 10 July 2010


Naughty,naughty Sue-Anne gave a link the other day for Brigitte Giblin and her downloadable patterns. It is so easy, point, click, pay, wait and hey presto a pattern appears. No waiting for the postman/lady and no flight in a big, silver bird, so no postage. I think I may end up penniless though at this rate because I also downloaded the gorgeous hexagon bag pattern as well as the downright fabulous clamshell baby quilt pattern. I am thankful to Sue-Anne for the link and it is me that is naughty. Naughty is my middle name.

To save some money ha!ha! I am challenging myself again to use what I have although I did have to go and buy fabric for the plain clamshells. That is allowed under my rules. All these fabrics are in a box and are left over from another quilt(not yet shown - tease), so rather than put them away I am using them for this quilt. So far I have prepped 30. I gather that stitching them together can be difficult, trying to keep them straight. I have hatched a cunning plan. I like graph paper and drawing, so have produced a whole page of clamshells with the intention of pinning it to a mount board and then I can pin them in place over the graph and with my new glue pen bond them together ready for stitching. I have not tried his yet so will let you know if it works or not as the case may be. The curved edge is stitched down over freezer paper.

Progress report on the fussy cut hexagons - 13. I am a little less than halfway through the metre of fabric and there are still more possibilities to work out yet. I was fascinated as a child with kaleidoscopes and I guess this is kaleidoscopes for grown ups. I am loving it.

Klosjes total - a shaming zero. Again.

Today we went to Sidmouth on the East Devon coast. This is the Connaught Gardens. The tea room here is fantastic, the food is good and there is a tantalising glimpse of what is through that archway on the right. It is a lovely spot to just sit and be. On a Sunday through the summer there is music at the bandstand and the deckchairs are out.

Yep! this is it. I love this view. Whatever the weather, we have been here and it is still the most beautiful scene. Today it was shrouded in sea mist but cleared to be very hot.

Whilst we were having lunch this baby robin kept hopping about waiting for us to drop a crumb or two. You can tell he is a baby as he hasn't fully developed his red breast and he still has his spots.

After lunch we walked down to the beach and had a paddle in the sea. It was most welcome and cooling. We walked all the way to the end of the bay until we could go no further and then we turned back.

This is the view coming back, looking towards Jacobs Ladder and the building on the cliff top is the tea room.

This butterfly bush is outside the bedroom window and as I was in there cleaning, yes, CLEANING, there was the most heavenly perfume wafting in.

Mick was out watering the plants this morning and spotted this frog. He was hiding under the tomato plant. We don't have a pond, neither do our neighbours, nor do we live too close to the stream so where he is living we do not know. He seemed to like the shower from the watering can. I can only assume that he has a mate hiding somewhere too.

Happy Stitching.

Love Shirley.x


  1. What a lovely post! I adore your hexagons! Truly meticulous piecing/matching. I can hardly wait to see what you do with these!

    And the "tour"... that was great! What a nice guide to show us your day. What a nice day.

    ~ Ronda

  2. Great post Shirley, What a wonderful walk and the view is amazing I love picture walks with my bloggy friends. Your hexagons are lovely I too had a fascination with kaleidoscopes as a child. I'm a little confused with the clam shells but I will wait and see your progress. Your garden must be a health place because frogs are a good indicator.

  3. You have been busy again, but lots of cutting and planning this time. You pick great projects but I will not be influenced, I need to finish some other things first.
    If I ever get over to visit please book me a seat at those tea rooms. I promise to walk and walk and walk first and then sit down and eat and eat and eat.

  4. I can't wait to see your progress with the beautiful clamshells. I too have Brigitte's hexagons bag pattern...
    Your fussy cut hexagons are gorgeous.
    Beautiful photos tour, thanks.

  5. The clamshells look very interesting and I will look forward to reading about how you progress and your new technique. I did a class with Brigitte Giblin at the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne last year and still have my project and pattern here for Tessellations I - I didn't like the effect of the original fabrics I chose and haven't got around to starting again - one day!!
    I particularly love your fussy cut hexagons - wonderful patterns.
    The Tea Room looks fabulous and I would love to do your walk.

  6. Point and click shopping is way too easy!! I've been known to get carried away too!

    Love the clamshells..the fabrics you are using are so pretty...can't wait to see the other project too... :o)

  7. Ha Ha ! I have the hexagon bag pattern too! Too irresistable to not get!!!! It looks like you had a wonderful day by the sea and I felt like I was there with you from your lovely photos - a beautiful way to spend the day.

  8. I love your hexagons. I'm surprised that you've used only 1 meter of fabric. How can that be??? Or maybe your hexagons are tiny? In any case, they look wonderful.

  9. Oh dear Shirley clamshells- another thing to get hooked on- they do like nice and the fussy cut hexagons are coming along- What are you going to do with them?
    It has been a great summer here in the UK so far, one really to enjoy the seaside. Looks like it was a nice day.

  10. The clamshells are looking lovely Sharon..... & pink ones too!LOL
    Still loving those fussy cut hexi flowers, that fabric is certainly producing some super combinations! Have a great week :)

  11. Beautiful places and lovely animals. I am an animalist. I visited that coast .... and I have a devon rex cat: ms Gioconda!

  12. A gorgeous post. I just hate downloads, they fool me into thinking that I haven't spent any money!

  13. Everything about this post was just the hexagons, so gorgeous! The clamshells seem to be calling to me, but so far I have do love yours though!

  14. Oh my. I'd better close my eyes at the new site! :)
    WHat a lovely day you had at the seaside! Such a gorgeous place to have tea!!! heavenly.
    I love your hexies!
    What an exotic flower garden they will be! :)

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