Thursday, 26 June 2014

Part Two Finished

It took a bit of doing but eventually I got there and round two of the Di Ford Mystery Quilt is done. There is a lot of work in that two inch border but it transformed the already beautiful centre to a new level. Part three may be a while yet but in progress.

Feeling the need to get the sewing machine out I spent a few hours sewing a bunch of strips together so that some progress can be made on a project not really abandoned, just on hold. All strips sewn. Next stage sew up into tubes.

Now, you all know that I have the attention span of a gnat and like I needed a new project in I waded with a fabulous challenge. This one popped up on Facebook and before you could blink I had joined in. It comes courtesy of Brigitte Giblin and is based on a vintage Trip Around The World quilt from her collection. A few guidelines and rules and deadlines to be met but so far I am keeping up and on a promise to only use stash. Feeling good so far. It is now a closed event and it has been great fun watching the progress as things get posted to Facebook and I have to say the encouraging comments and witty banter. It has truly been a trip around the world seeing people joining in from all corners of the globe. Well done Brigitte. so far I am on row 12. who knows what row I will stop at  but I am cut out and prepared up to row 15.
On Saturday we had a little boat ride along the River Tone which runs through the centre of Taunton town. It was lovely to see it from a different perspective and to see people just messing about on the river. It was the perfect midsummers day. Lots of things happening eleswhere in the town and lovely to see people enjoying the sunshine.

A few days before that, Somerset County Cricket Ground had a change of use and became the venue to one of my all time favourites rock stars and a little count in my head told me that I had been a fan for over 40 years. How can that be when I am not even that old.  Rod Stewart. He was fabulous and yes he did sing "Do you think I'm sexy" and yes for a pensioner he ain't doing too badly. We had a great night singing along. The evening was gloriously warm too. I have a hard time choosing my favourite song but it has to be Mandolin Wind. The crowd definitely loved the older Rod Stewart songs the best.

Anyone else have a favourite.

Ah Well! Back to the stitching.

Happy Stitching.



  1. Your Di Ford Mystery Quilt is just so lovely! I've yet to start on mine (I've been stressing about goofing up the broidery perse) but I may just have to jump in with both feet - your's is VERY inspirational!

  2. I love your Di Ford mystery - just beautiful! Great to see your latest sewalong too - well done on shopping from stash :-) It looks like your social life has been busy - the Rod Stewart concert would have been great!

  3. that second border is gorgeous, so much work!
    your trip round the world looks great. very vintage and love the fussy cut blocks.
    sounds like rod stewart is still a good showman.

  4. May I have your projects?!?! ; c )
    I'd have to say Maggie May.

  5. Lots of lovely goodies happening at your place. I saw Rod Steward in Sydney a few years ago - he's always good value.


  6. looks fabulous and I love the TATW.

  7. Love your DF quilt...and also that TATW, great way to use up some stash.
    Love the colours your using.
    Julia ♥

  8. Your Di Ford is so lovely!
    Great work!

    Nice weekend, Evelyne

  9. Love the Di Ford mystery quilt progress. Your work has influenced me in a little project. Enjoy watching TAW grow. Good to see you still letting your hair down at concerts.

  10. Shirley.. your Di Ford quilt is fabulous. So much progress you must be sewing your socks off! Looking forward to seeing the next row. Love your TATW too... and using scraps... great! I could do with a bit of you rubbing off on me :o) Have fun.....xx

  11. Your Mystery is just amazing. I love that your Trip Around the World is being down by people all over the world.

    Maggie May has to be my favourite, of course.

  12. Fabulous quilts. And lovely to see how much you're enjoying them. Rod's the wrong era for me I'm afraid. ;-)

  13. Your Di Ford mystery is such a lovely quilt...and will be even more greater ...and lots of work... Love your's gorgeous... Lovely colours... And Rod...oh la la...sweet memories to lots of songs!!!

  14. Just popping in to let you know I've been thinking about you.

  15. Your Di Ford mystery is stunning - well worth all the work!
    Oh, how I love Rod Stewart - that must have been a magical evening!