Thursday, 29 May 2014

Day 2 and something completely different

Day 2 at Cowslip and today we were to be learning all about Broderie Perse . This is Di Ford's version of Rotherfield Greys and it is simply beautiful.

I went into this class with no fabrics whatsoever. I had drawn a complete blank and just could not picture it in my head. First task was to nip into the shop before class started and I was not alone in my dilemma but I spotted this fabric and Di was on hand to help me see other possibilities. It is called Gentle Flowers by Quilt Gate.

First task was to cut out a few motifs and I think I cut way too many pieces, enough for another project at least. I am no flower arranger but after a bit of tweaking this is what transformed. I hear you saying " where is the pink Shirley?". Sorry to disappoint but there is not a scrap anywhere. I simply love the soft greys and creams of this fabric with a hint of teal and lavender. Maybe they do a pink version but could it be this lovely?

Lots of applique in my future. Once the outer bit was decided on we had to think about the centre and I chose a very dark grey charcoal striped paisley fabric with lots of fussy cutting potential. It took a long time to figure all this out but I know I shall love this quilt. 

On returning home I found in my stash a fat quarter of a French General fabric called Fa La La La and I managed to cut 6 sets of half inch hexagons to surround the star. Now I need to search for more fabric as there was a lot of potential for further fussy cutting. I even found a grey fabric in my stash that had hexagons on it which I have used for the centres of the flowers. That was a lucky find.

Anyone wonder what I bought from that stand outside the shop? Yes, you guessed it, the pink basket just had my name on it. Well, I saw it several months ago and my husband asked me what I wanted it for and my sensible head said put it back. He wasn't with me this time and no way was I going home without it.

The early start on the Sunday morning saw the most beautiful skyline from my window at the B & B. Very peaceful and beautiful.

I had the most fabulous weekend with the most inspiring teacher I think I have ever met. If you are fortunate enough to be anywhere near a Di Ford class then I would urge you to book. What is more exciting is that Di has promised to come back next year. No pressure then to at least attempt to have something to show her when she returns. Thank you Di from your number one English Groupie.

Thank you to Jo Colwill and all the team at Cowslip who work so hard to make it the most peaceful and inspiring place to just be. 

Happy Stitching.



  1. Oh my goodness! I love your fabric choices and yes, I think this is really going to be a beautiful quilt when it's done!!!! Thank you so much for showing up close pictures - I've never done broidere perse before, but I've signed up for the Di Ford Mystery BOM and your pictures really help me to figure out just how to cut out the flowers from the chintz piece of fabric. Thank you!!!!! (It's scary cutting into the fabric ;o)

  2. What a great fabric choice Shirley!
    I love the circle of flowers, and your fussy cut star and hexagons are really beautiful.
    Well done!

    Have a nice day, Evelyne

  3. Shirley, your center is so striking. You've really been looking at fabrics in a very stunning way. It's really beautiful in the soft shades. Does Di hand quilt her quilts?

  4. Just gorgeous Shirley! - love the soft fussy cut hexagons and love the broderie perse selection. Di is very clever but I think you must take a wee bit of the credit too ;)
    I'm very much looking forward to seeing this quilt grow.

  5. pretty !!
    Isn't it great what we find in our stashes.
    And I love the pink basket too......and you don't need a reason for buying

  6. Wow Shirley, what you have done so far is beautiful, it's going to be a lovely quilt.
    You really are making this quilt your own.
    Love the pink basket...yes very you!
    Julia ♥

  7. oh my that is a gorgeous start to this quilt.
    Love your flowers and their arrangement, beautiful fussy cutting with your centre too.

  8. Sounds absolutely wonderful. Love watching your beautiful work progress.

  9. Fun to see your lovely progress, Shirley. The colors are so soft and lovely together. Your practical husband sounds a lot like mine--and I would have bought the basket later too! :)

  10. Another beautiful project in the making. Gorgeous colours. And good for you for picking up that pink basket. I'm sure it will come handy for keeping projects in or going to classes.

  11. what a stunning work Shirley ! Love all your progress.

  12. Fabulous choice of fabrics Shirley and now Di has agreed to come back we've all got to crack on so we have some show and tell.
    The basket had your name on it.

  13. Oh Shirley, what a wonderful inspirational time you had at Cowslip! Love what you are doing - there is that wonderful feeling of peace and inspiration that comes over me when I drive down the bumpy road to Cowslip - I just LOVE it!! What you have done is so beautiful - well done! x

  14. So wonderful to see how these quilts grow, your colours and fabric choices are beautiful and seeing how they are used is great. I look forward to watching them all grow (now, correct me if I am wrong - that's 3 new quilt starts over the 2 weekends? - spendid!!)

  15. Just thinking.... It's not too late to add a little bit of pink to that's just a wonderful early start!! ;0))) just imagine...a little bit of lavender...and a little bit of pink...and well you can add whatever to that quilt and it will look fabulous !! :0)

  16. Shirley this is going to be one fabulous quilt and I just love how you have used your fabrics. Just watching what you have done so far is inspiring and I can't wait for the next instalment. How could you think of leaving that cute pink basket behind!!! Take care

  17. What great progress you have made and what a pressure finish.

  18. Love your subdued colour palette and what you have done so far is stunning.

    I had suspected that the pink bag in the photo had gone home with you.

  19. Just doing some major catch-up on blog reading, and I don't know how I missed your beginning Broderie Perse project. It's another on my (sigh) lengthy bucket list, but I know I'll actually work on this type of project some day. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Your additions after you got home look like they were meant to be (and still no pink added??) I find I've been leaning towards more grays lately in my purchases and my plans. Your project is going to be stunning -- with a capital "S."