Friday, 1 August 2014


Progress is being made on the Brigitte Giblin Facebook challenge. Brigitte has put in a lot of hard work to see that this project works and into the bargain organised a truly international fabric swap.

We were asked to contact a person on Brigitte's master list of participants  and we were to send and receive a fat quarter of fabric to add to a round in a later stage of the challenge. I had the greatest luck to receive my fabric all the way from Australia from Simone Honey who happens to be a friend of another fellow blogger and friend Lizzie at broderie blog. The world gets so much smaller with this blogging lark. Simone sent me a beautiful piece of fabric with a flower motif which I managed to fussy cut and fit it in with the help of another fabric to fill the gaps. Since taking this photo I have finished Row 20. It is now getting quite a size at around 42 inches square. I am all prepared up to row 24.

Wendy joined me in the early stages of making and is not far behind me. The common denominator for this quilt was a red spotty fabric to be used at various intervals and given that is where we all start they look so different and are producing the most amazing results.

Seeing what fun Wendy and I were having our Wednesday stitchers decided to join in too.

Kate decided she wanted hers to be in her favourite colours of blues, greens and teal. I think it is going to be amazing. The more rows you add the better the effect gets.

Rosemary always chooses very pretty fabric and is often lucky to go home with everything she came with as I ogle her choices sitting beside her.

This is Margaret's start. Looking very soft and misty, like a colourwash effect. Pat was away so have no progress report.

At the weekend we headed off to my favourite part of Cornwall and stayed at the lovely Carbis Bay Hotel. This was the view from the window and our little balcony. Looking towards Hayle.

On the Saturday we walked the coastal path to St.Ives. It was a little misty when we arrived and it even rained for 15 minutes but then the sun came out and was even hotter.

This was St.Ives as we walked back a few hours later. A very enjoyable trip out.

Keep stitching everyone. 

Love Shirley. X


  1. Your quilt is captivating, Shirley! What a striking color palette, and it was fun to see the other quilts, too. Amazing how each is as individually delightful as its maker. Thanks for the inspiration on this early Friday morning in Iowa!

  2. wow great progress by all of you on all those little pieces coming together.
    lovely holiday spots too.
    Did you meet anyone on the way to St Ives?

  3. Gosh the quilts you are all making are beautiful!! Is there a formula you are following eg dark dark light medium? Or do you go with your instinct for each round? Fun also to have the added challenge of the fabric swap and have to use fabric. Glad you had a nice time away, your photos really do look summery - gorgeous!

  4. I love it Shirley......!!!!!!
    It's great all your friends have joined in too.

  5. I love your TATW and what fun to have lots of friends doing it as well. Cornwall looks very inviting.

  6. Oh Shirley, yours is absolutely stunning. And the others have all used tthe most luscious colour combinations too.

    Cornwall? How wonderful. I've never been but can imagine that its rather similar to our beloved Brittany.

    Happy August to you.


  7. Hi Shirley--was just thinking about you and wondering how your projects were going when your blog post popped up! Your quilt is lovely. How different they all look, but all wonderful! Cornwall is a place I often find in books, but it's nice to have a real view of it, instead of just my imagination. Sounds like a lovely get-a-way.

  8. Beautiful work Shirley, love the pinks. The other girls looks lovely too in the different colour ways. Happy stitching.

  9. Love where you and your friends are heading!

  10. Your TAW is growing beautifully and glad to see the others joining in. I always enjoy seeing all the different fabric combinations. Do you sew those squares in one at a time? Love the photos, they bring back happy memories.

  11. Your TAW looks absolutely beautiful! What a great idea for your sewing group to stitch along with you. It will be so much fun to watch all the different colour ways come together. Your weekend away is making me crave some warm sunshine, it is a dreary cold winters day here xxx

  12. Love the start of all these quilts! What fun! How big are the squares? must be fairly small. I popped over to Brigette's facebook page - what an inspiration!
    I always think of the nursery rhyme when you mention St. Ives.

  13. Wow what job you are doing with this quilt. It will be wonderful when finished:-). Will take on and read your other posts too ..

    Take care!

  14. I know it's a great quilt...because I have seen it live...and it's so cheerful and happy... Love love your fabric choices ... Thanks for showing your friends lovely quilts as well... I am always amazed at how different a quilt can be with just another fabric choice...they are all beautiful!!

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