Sunday, 4 May 2014

Time Flies

Time really does fly when you are having fun and keeping busy. Having joined in with the Di Ford Mystery Quilt in Quiltmania I am determined to keep up. Part 1 done. It does mean other things haven't got done but hey ho!

Hexagons appliqued to the corners although I think the leaves make them look like they are little floating heavenly beings. I like that thought though.

Part 2 under construction and I may make the deadline before the next instalment. I have learnt a new trick. Appliqueing the circles down all together in one sheet of fabric is easier than stitching them down in individual little square. Those squares are roughly 2" so would be fiddly otherwise. Those hexagons are 1/2" and centred around a 1/2" fussy cut square. I like the effect and thinking that a border of them on something would look very nice. Great tutorials on Youtube from Quiltmania.

We had a trip away visiting family and friends and wished I could have packed this little person. I really missed her. The trip away was great but we had no internet connection so could not keep up with anything and so could not do the usual morning facetime with this little sweetie.

What else have I done to show that I have been busy. Making good use of a few scraps that turned into a lovely pincushion for the sales table at our next exhibition.

Even the Dancing Dollies came out for a airing. Sadly, I thought I had done way more quilting, but, no, quite a lot to do. Well, they are out and staying out to get it finished. May be some time yet.

We had a little trip to the museum in Stoke on Trent and this gorgeous floor tile got my attention. I am feeling a bit of drawing may be coming on. It would look fabulous as a centre medallion for a quilt.

The local steam railway at Cheddleton was hosting a 1940's weekend and this chap entertained us with wartime songs. His name - Johnny Victory. Very dashing he looked in his uniform. Lots of people in costume, even Winston Churchill wandered around keeping an eye on the opposition and authentic noises coming from the model airplane club who brought along Spitfires and other models. The Spitfire is very special to us Stokies being designed by a Stokie man Reginald Mitchell.

I have joined Instagram too and enjoying that. You can find me under stitcherydo should you be on there or just want a look. I am still learning to post via iPad so have not given any links because I have not yet figured it out. 

Well, till next time. Hope it is not too long.

Happy Stitching.

Love Shirley.


  1. Great quilt block of Di Fords Mystery!
    You are a great example for me to pick up The Dancing Dollies!
    Nice stitching day!

  2. loving your progress on the di ford quilt and those hexies around the square centre look different, very effective.
    so lovely to see your little dollies quilt hope it stays out for awhile.
    You are packing interesting things to take away?
    Maisy is definitely growing. what a cutie.

  3. Very lovely work in progress. XXX

  4. Your dancing dollies are so, so gorgeous, Shirley. I love the colour combination and the theme. So pretty!

    Such beautfiul work as always which leaves me feeling inspirated; the best way to feel.


  5. That's a beautiful panel but I don't envy your eyesight at those sizes! Little Masie looks like she was ready to leave with you though.

  6. Wow! Shirley your Di Ford quilt is looking fabulous so far. Great way to applique all those circles. Love those dancing dollies to bits... wonder who will be getting that little project :o) Now.. my jaw is aching from smiling at that gorgeous photo of little Maisie. She is super cute. You are so lucky. Enjoy!! :o)

  7. Great quilt block of Di Fords Mystery...and dancing dollies are a favourite of mine, yours look lovely.
    Little Maisie is so sweet, such a cutie, no wonder you missed her.
    Great post Shirley.
    Julia ♥

  8. Your Di Ford quilt is turning out perfectly. Keep going. You'll be caught up long before the next segment is ready.

  9. Lovely work on the BOM ! and I do love your Dancing Dollies - so pretty:) Those floor tiles are very inspiring I agree - mind you that is a lot of applique!

  10. Shirley, I saw this BOM and thought it looked wonderful. Well done for persevering..your work is beautiful. Barbara Brackman is currently doing a Jane Austen type block of the week. This design reminds me of that period.

  11. Pretty pretty and have fun...never mind if you sew on something else...than from your is all what matters!! Happy to read about your little mini must have been sweet coming back to cuddle with Maisie!!

  12. This is a wonderful BOM and I just love your work and what a little cutie your granddaughter is. Take care.

  13. Love the 3D effect of those leaves - or heavenly wings. The pin cushion is adorable. He won't hang about on the sales table for long.

    Glad you found quilt inspiration in the museum.

  14. Have I mentioned that your quilt is stunning? You have been very busy, always enjoy your photos.

  15. Gosh you've been busy and I've missed your postings! Maisie is a doll! Just adorable! And of course, your Di quilt center is wonderful too--how do you find time to accomplish so much--all great too?! :) Your Dancing Dollies reminds me that I wanted to make that one too--you seem to be making all the things I'd like to do but never manage to get to!